I don't know wether to put my new fan on intake or exhaust

i think because my mobo is ati brand, it is not very compatible with my geforce gtx 560.the video card's fan is blowing down instead of up into the exhaust fan.i am confused to put my new fan on intake or exhaust.i figured if it was exhaust it would suck out the hot air from the video card but i dunno.heres a crappy drawing of it.oh and the power supply has no fan.
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  1. What case are you using, and buy another fan and put one at front as intake and one at rear exhaust.

  2. I would change your current side intake to an exhaust and make the new fan an intake. That will even out your intake and exhaust and keep and general front to back airflow. If you make it an intake you're probably get nothing out of your single exhaust fan. Does the powersuply have its own exhaust fan? I didn't see that on your drawing so I'm assuming it does not. If so, make th enew one an intake.
  3. its an Azza Spartan Gaming Case.yea i got a fan in the front already.its jsut that damn video card blowing heat downward thats a big wtf to me lol.
    thats a good idea about changing it to exhaust and making the new one intake.i shouldve figured that before but figured since ibuypower sent it like that,that it was like that for a reason.
    oh and yea my power supply has no fan so i guess thats why its at the bottom.i had read somethign recently saying a lot of psu's have burned out quickly from hot air being sucked in so i guess these are the new designs
  4. Err what is your Make and model, gpu? As the coolers on all gpus generaly suck air in and over the gpu parts not blow air out.
  5. PSU has no fan?
  6. the hard drive/case is also right in front of the front fan,blocking it.i dont think the cool air from the front is even properly circulating :/
    "As the coolers on all gpus generaly suck air in and over the gpu parts not blow air out." wow really? ill have to double check that.i have a nvidia geforce gtx 560.
    and yep, the psu has no fan.
  7. whoa how bizarre.i opned up the case and adjusted my gpu fan speed to 100%.it was exremely loud and i can feel a strong breeze coming out of the side of the video card! so basically its blowing right into the side intake fan
  8. So the gpu fan is sucking air in then blowing air across your gpe cooler fins and out through the sides, PS, i no its an nvidia gtx 560, but who makes it and whats its model number, e.g- MSI, Saphire, Asus etc etc.
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