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Help with previous build. Won't boot, Loud High Pitched noise at start

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April 8, 2011 2:11:29 AM

Well, my pc problems continue. I just received my rma for a dead asus P5n-d. I was careful connecting everything, but my system won't boot. There is a very loud high pitch noise coming from my system that clearly means something is wrong. But, I don't see what. The only thing not plugged in is a two prong cable from the tuniq tower 120, because I accidentally broke the adjustable fan it would plugged into.

There is a green light by my panel on the bottom right of my motherboard, which I assume is good.

I did clean my cpu, and cooler with rubbing alcohol to remove the old thermal paste, but was very cautious and waited about 30 minutes before installing.

**Back story, my previous P5N-D was rma'd because I accidentally plugged in the wrong molex connector, plugged the six prong into a four prong. (I was really tired when putting it back together, I know retarded on my part). Could this have damaged other parts?

Windows 7 Pro x64
MemoryEdit Value
CORSAIR 8GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
Graphics Card(s)
Evga 560 GTX ti, Superclocked 8800gt

Hard Drives
2 Western Digital Caviar Black WD2001FASS 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB

Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD7500AAKS 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5
SeaSonic S12 Energy Plus SS-650HT 650W ATX12V V2.3

Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler 120mm Cooling Fan and F

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April 8, 2011 3:13:48 AM

Sorry to hear you have so many problems. This will probably take a little while to test, but it should help define exactly where the problem lies.

First thing you will want to do is ask a friend to test their power supply on your system, or if you have old parts laying around verify your power supply is still functioning properly. A high pitch whining sound is usually caused by a feedback loop from the power supply, or an over taxed capacitor on the verge of failing.

Before doing anything else I would remove your power supply and motherboard from the case. Setup your board on top of the cardboard box it came in, or any other dry non conductive surface. Lay your friends power supply next to it so the cables can reach without stretching. Keep your power supply handy.

Ensure your CPU and CPU Heatsink /Fan are connected to your motherboard and NOTHING ELSE. Connect the 20+4 pin connector from your friends power supply to your motherboard. Verify the voltage selector of your friends power supply is set correctly (110 for the US), Manually move the switch until it "clicks" on the voltage you need, even if it is already on that voltage.

Connect the power cable from your surge protector / UPS to your friends power supply. You should see the fan spin a couple rotations at this point when the board receives power. If you did not see the fan's rotate make sure the power on/off switch is in the on position for the power supply. Manually trigger the pwr connector on your motherboard using steady hands and a small screwdriver. Does the system beep at you? If the answer is yes then thats great news, your board and CPU are most likely functional. If the answer is no do not despair yet.

Insert you 8800gt Video Card, and one stick of ram into the motherboard. Ensure the ram and video are each in slot 0. Connect the 6 pin connecter to your 8800gt. Connect a monitor cable to the video cards output. Manually trigger the pwr connector on your motherboard using steady hands and a small screwdriver.

If the system boots repeat the voltage selector verifications and connect the 20+4 and the 6pin from your power supply, remove the video card and ram and repeat. From this point if you were unable to boot you can use your power supply granted you do not hear the high pitched whining.

Try swapping out the ram for another stick into slot 0. Still no boot swap the ram into slot 1, repeat until all ram slots have been exhausted. Swap the video card for your 560 and test again with the ram in slot 0.

If the system never beeped at you, and never posted then your CPU is most likely fried (as you just replaced the board). Mourn their loss and save for your next upgrade. If you have any questions I will try to check back here, or you can message me directly.

April 8, 2011 4:17:23 AM

Thanks for all the info. It's a little to late to try all this tonight, but I definitely will tomorrow. I am actually in the process of putting together a new build so I have a new psu 850w, but I still need this pc to work. As I am waiting for an rma for an asus p8p67 pro
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April 9, 2011 1:59:53 PM

you can also try removing your cpu and reseating it there is a reset that takes place when doing this that may help you get a post i had to do that with a old build of my own and both the cpu and mobo is still running now in a friends rig
also a loud squeal could be lack of power to your video card my 5850 does this if i don’t plug in the additional power for it.

make sure all your connection are tight
April 9, 2011 7:08:11 PM

Grhamie, your the ******* man. I was just about to finally start working on this thing and read your post. Don't know how I missed it but the connection to my graphics card was loose. Plugged it in, and now the pc boots up!! :o 

But, I am seeing a message that my cpu fan speed is low, that's not good. And the back fan is also not running in my antec 900 case, not sure why the connections are good. But, this is great progress!!! :) 
April 10, 2011 1:43:52 PM

I’m glad to hear you got it running im not really sure what’s up with the fan issue, as far as the case fan not running you could check that the pins inside the Molex are properly connected. The pins can get pushed back and not actually connect inside the Molex
make sure the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan port on the motherboard other than that im unsure of what’s going on with your fans