Hello, I have seen a lot of similar threads here. I have a single Corsair 4GB Vengeance Stick(1600MHz @ 1.5v). I have a core-i3 530 and OC it to 3.5GHz. I recently purchased a CPU cooler because it was getting above 70 degrees sometimes. After installing the cooler the temps dropped by 15-20 degrees. But since then i am getting this BSOD. I had saved my OC profile in my BIOS and gone back to stock due to high temps before buying the cooler. After installing the cooler i just applied the saved profile from my BIOS.

Here is the latest minidump :

My System:
core-i3 530
4GB corsair vengeance
MSI H55M-E33
Radeon 6790
Corsair GS600
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I've seen this type error before and it's cause by a variety of things:
    Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl.exe

    BSOD's are generally a Windows thing vs a Error 41/Category 63 which is more common for an OC issue.

    If you recently made changes to windows: Updates, Driver Updates, New/Updated Applications then the very first thing I'd do is to run System Restore and select a time prior to the problems. If the new HSF has a metal backplate to any metal to MOBO contact then I'd be suspicious to a short or grounding short and add plastic washers to insulate (top and/or bottom).

    Run SFC as indicated, schedule and reboot - this check the system files for corruption or modification.

    If you think it your RAM then create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ and run 4-passes; (ISO/zip) file -

    Open the Event Manager [+] Critical and look at all of the critical errors; see -

    After which run MSCONFIG select Diagnostic, reboot, and test with either AIDA64 or Prime95 for at least an hour. If there's no problems then you've got a Windows issue and/or conflict to discover.
  2. Prime95 two and a half hours running no problems. I tested with memtest from was running fine for about an hour, BSODed as soon as i hit STOP. Event manager only shows "Kernel-Power" issue. Can't make out anything. Will report with my old memory sticks.
  3. More than likely 41/63 is going to be: MOBO, CPU (OC), or RAM.

    Clearly, I'd try without the OC and in the BIOS for now Load Optimized Defaults. Otherwise you're blurring the lines between a HW issue (and/or) OC issue. Reduce the variables.
  4. I am @ stock settings now....just reset my BIOS. Same error pops up randomly. You sure it can be a faulty CPU too?
  5. CPU no, CPU's OC maybe. Also it could be a faulty PSU. Random shutdowns are a guessing game at best. Since you didn't have any Memtest errors while running it the probable culprits are MOBO or PSU. If the PSU wasn't properly sized or cheap then IMO start there.

    A tell tale sign of a bad PSU is startup weird behavior including freezes and or shutdown or freezes under high load (games). So if you have another PC borrow its PSU. If the problem persists and the PSU is known good and adequately sized then the MOBO but also ruleout the GPU on another PC.
  6. That is the weird part, i have no issues while gaming. Played two and a half hours of Battlefield 3 multiplayer, ran some 3dmark issues. It seems that BSOD occurs when opening/closing an application.

    PSU is CORSAIR GS600(80Plus).

    About the cooler : Its a Hyper TX3 and comes with plastic push-pins, no question of short i guess.
  7. Tested with my old RAM sticks 1 full issues. Will try with the VENGEANCE again and see if BSODs come back.
  8. RE: "It seems that BSOD occurs when opening/closing an application" that's often a sign of a bad SSD. Do you have and SSD?

    In the Event Manager are all of the error 41/63's?
  9. No, i do not have a SSD. Seems like the RAM is faulty, it BSODed again as soon as i closed BF3. Old memory sticks running fine... Guess i'll RMA the Vengeance.

    Anyways, thanks for the quick responses!
  10. I got back my RAM from RMA and its working fine now....thanks for the help!
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