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So today I received my EVGA GTX 550 Ti, I put it in, update the drivers, etc. I go to my favorite game max the settings and to my despair only get around 25 FPS.

My PC is made of a Fujitsu Siemens R630 Workstation and is as follows:
700W Power Supply (Hipro)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
2 Xeon 3.6Ghz Dual Core Processors
4 GB of RAM
Sound Blaster Audigy

My PC uses SCSI (Scuzzy) hard drives, and I also play games off of an external HDD drive with no noticeable difference. My windows "Windows Experience Index is as follows:
Processor: 5.9
Memory (RAM) : 5.9
Graphics: 7.1
Gaming Graphics: 7.1
Primary Hard Disk: 5.5

The game I was trying to play was Men of War on Max setting at 1280x1024 with AA and AF off. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. :D
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  1. Is the frame limiter on? Are any other applications running? It may also be your processor.
  2. Why would it be my processor? Resource monitor shows Men of War taking only 30% of the CPU, and I don't believe the game has an frame rate limiter. I do have hyper threading on should I try to disable it? The only other application I have running is Teamspeak.
  3. Okay, well the processor thinks of how to display the game, and the video card does it. In many cases the CPU can bottleneck the GPU. Try disabling hyperthreading and see what happens.
  4. *Facepalm I had my BIOS set to 32 Bit Windows, I also switched off Hyper Threading, to testing I go!!! "Batman Goin' Somewhere Music"
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