Graphic card supporte for my mobo or not

hey guys i have a asus motherboard P5G41T-M LX ,i wat to buy a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 is it supported ?? my ram is 2 gb ddr3 . i have a dual core 2.7 ghz processor
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  1. Yes your motherboard will support Nvidia 250. Both are PCIE , your mobo have PCIE x16. It will be better if you upgrade your RAM too.
  2. thanx bro for ur help .. i got only 2gb ddr3 planning to buy another 2 gb ddr3..but if the clock speed wont match is there any problem or just okay
  3. Try to find memory with the same frequency like yours ( Ex. if your is 1333Mhz buy the same memory 1333Mhz)
  4. mine is 1333mhz as it is written on ram cover but i checked my pc with CPU-Z software it says only 400 mhz why so ??
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