Red CPU Led On- Computer Wont Start

I used to have a pc with a phenom II X6 and since i felt that i rather get a sandy bridge rig, i bought an i5 2500K and ASUS Sabertooth P67, well after assembling the computer i attempted to turn on the pc and the bios came up but it made something like a buzzing noise and cpu + memory leds lit up also there was a message at post - i am not exactly sure but i think i saw it said short, after that all the pc would do is attempt to start but red cpu led comes up and computer dies

Core i5 2500K
CM Hyper 212+
ASUS P67 Sabertooth
ocz vertex 2 60gb ssd
seagate barracuda 500gb hard drive
Corsair 650TX
CM Storm Scout

I have attempted several things to fix
1. Reset
2. New cpu (Core i5 2500K)
3. New Motherboard (Asus P8P67 Pro)
4. boot without graphics card
5.boot with one ram stick
6. remove cmos battery
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  1. How long did you remove the CMOS battery for? Do you have a case speaker?
  2. i removed the cmos battery for about a minute, i was on the phone with an Asus rep and he told me to remove the battery for a bout a minute, yes i have a speaker i just didnt hear anything
  3. Wait at least five minutes.
  4. are you sure that will fix it, I don't have the p67 sabertooth anymore but the p8p67 pro, also Ian not sure if it's a short or not and if my hand brushed slightly the socket
  5. If the battery doesn't work, it may be your processor or motherboard. Were you wearing an anti-static bracelet?
  6. no I was not but now when I attempt to reassemble I will
  7. well i fixed the problem, it turns out that i pushed a molex plug too hard and one of the pins came loose and was shorting the motherboard
  8. I had a problem with red CPU light. No start beep. No loading of Bios. My problem was that i missed a 4 pin ATX 12V cable. First i only had the big ATX 12 V cable.

    Asus P8P67
    Intel I5 2500K
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