Help my GeForce 8800 Gt 512MB is freezing

Help my GeForce 8800 Gt 512MB is freezing up.

Hello, I know Its an old card, but I really don't have the spare money to buy a new card.

Any time I try to run more advanced graphics and games, the game just freezes with random textures dotting the screen. Such as with Civilization IV it will run through all of the starting animations and as soon as it gets to the main screen it freezes. I don't know whats wrong with it.

The only way to get out of the freeze is to restart the computer.

Please help.
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  1. Maybe try reinstalling/updating the drivers? Also, check the temperatures. If they are abnormally high during idle, they could very well be the cause. Does Furmark run?
  2. I would check temp's first thing that card came with a shitty cooler from the get go and it was known for running kinda hot. If your temps are getting to hot remove the heat sink and reapply thermal paste i recommend arctic silver.

    I actually bought an 8800gt when they first came out paid 300 bucks for it! After i applied arcit silver to it it ran about 15 degrees cooler.
  3. Ive updated the driver and it didn't help. Furmark will freeze the same.

    I don't know how to check my temp., can you tell me how
  4. Ummm let me think...what did i use to check mine when i had the 8800gt??? I cannot remember but i am sure someone will chime in on this. But knowing that card i would reapply thermal paste to it anyway i am almost sure what came on it from the factory is all dried up by now.

    Also a good aftermarket cooler for that card is the vf900 it even comes with little heat sinks for your memory chips on the pcb.
  5. I used Rivatuner and the card is running (63)C
  6. 63c is not hot for that card is that temp at load while playing a game or at idle?
  7. Idle
  8. OK it is time that you cleaned the card or made sure that you did the job right. You also need to replace the stock compound as it goes bad after the first few months of use. I also own a 8800gt (evga) and it idles at 50c but I only use it as a dedicated card. At the least set the fan speed to 70% rather than leaving it at 40% to bake.
  9. rhylton88 said:

    Yeah that is running hot bud. Remove the heatsink clean it up good and reapply some arctic silver thermal paste. Or another option is you can go to newegg and buy a Zalman vf900 i had that on my 8800gt and it brought the temps way down all for 35$.
  10. I cleaned out all of the dust and set my cards fan to run at 100%. The card cools down to 47(C). It ran Furmark for about 30 seconds, and then the temperature started to rise it got to 61(C) and the crashed again. :fou:
  11. :/ figures -_-

    Their may be an fault with the card that may or may not be cooling related. Try to contact the company that made the card for any chance of RMA. Some cards can develop faults that once they reach a certain temp they can have symptoms such as a crash.
  12. Get MSI Afterburner, not for the tweeking but its got a great readout of the GPU usage and temps and fan speeds, you can set the fan speeds with it as well, I also use the new beta version of FANSPEED, both these are free downloads.

    I have 2 x GTX8800, idled at 60 and 64, watercooled them in the end, now idle at 40 and full throtthe at 49.

    Hope this helps

  13. :non: Sorry correction, i ment SPEEDFAN, not fanspeed, DONUT :pt1cable:

  14. I contacted the company, and they wont do anything.
    I got MSI Afterburner, and it's nice, but its still not a fix.

    I'm starting to think it isn't cooling because the card normally runs fine, and it seems like it would run without crashing for at least a little longer and get a little higher temperature.

    But then again I am only 15, and just starting really to get into computers. :kaola:
  15. I have 2 x GTX 8800, I tiik the fan off, and the heat sync was only half covered toth paste, if its not under g/tee you got nothing to loose, if thats the case, use a good quality past and when i replacewd mine i used 1mm thermal pads, and pleany of paste on the two big chips, i replaced my fan with a watercooling block, temps are 35 idle and 43 at full power, give it a try

    Did you knock your fan speeds up to 100% from the stock 60???
  16. Ill try it out. I put the speed up just to see if it would cool the card down more, to see if it would run complex graphics for longer. Which it did......for about 30 seconds on Furmark and 4 min. on Civilization 4.

    I have 80 dollars that i just got yesterday from odd jobs. Is there a good card out there for around that price?

    Ive seen Radeon HD 5750s and Radeon HD 5770s on eBay for about 100$. Does anyone know if they are good cards. Any suggestions would be helpful. :D
  17. Well its def a card problem, not a heat problem, I always use Nvidia cards, you should get a good 8800GTX or Ultra for that money, look around on ebay.

    Good Luck

  18. Ive decided just to try and get a new card. Thanks everyone for your help.
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