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Find user name on windows 7 network

Have 3 computers in my HOMEGROUP (2 wireless, 1 wired). When I try to connect to one of the other computers from any of my computers, a window pops up asking for a USER NAME and PASSWORD. I know my HOMEGROUP password but do not know the user name. How do I find it?
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  1. Homegroups don't give you access to everything. Only what is shared to the homegroup by that computer. If you try to access anything else on that computer you will need to provide a username and password to access it. This username will be an account on the computer you are trying to access. This account will also need to have permissions to whatever you are trying to access on that computer.
  2. Thanks for your reply. While I do know my password, I do not know what the user name is. Have tried several names but haven't hit on the right one yet. I know how to find the password info., but not the user name info. Is there a way I can access that information? Thanks again.
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    assuming you are able to login to all PC's with an admin account

    With Windows Vista & 7

    you can look at folder c:\Users\

    in XP look at c:\Documents and Settings\

    which will give the original user name when the account was created

    are all the PC's using Home Group and Win 7 ?

    Mike Barnes
  4. Got everything working, thanks to my very computer literate grandson, who walked me through it over the phone. Changed the password, left the homegroup, reconnected to the homegroup, and turned off password protected sharing on each of my 3 computerts. That did the trick. Thanks for your suggestions, guys.
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