About H67/P67/Z68 series mobo.

I was choosing a P67 mobo for i5 2500K, and after reading some threads I found Asus, Gigabyte and Asrock all have the reboot issue. Google XXX Brand P67 reboot issue you will find many, also customers' feedbacks on website cover this problem too. And I searched some H67 model, reboot issue remains. Different opinions on BIOS version, RAM compatibility, etc...

Do they still occur on current available products now with new version BIOS update?
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  1. I havent heard of Reboot issues.If it was really serious.Intel would have issued a huge recall.Anyway some of my friends have Asrock mobos and they havent had a problem with it.I also have one.But currently residing back where i live(Working in China for the moment. so i cant give you feeback).
  2. Well, if you google it, there're a huge number of posts on the loop reboot problem for earlier mobos such as P8P67 regular/pro and Gigabyte P67 UD3/UD4. Maybe the BIOS update has fixed it.

    I plan to OC my 2500K, go single graphic card with single 1920*1080 monitor. I don't do video processing or transcoding and no intention for future SLI/CFX. I guess Asus P8P67 or Gigabyte P67 UD3 or Asrock P67 extreme 4 is enough for me. Wish there weren't be issues for me.

    Also Realtek's NIC is not very good with some compatibility issue, right?
  3. ryanz2009 said:

    Alright, if this is an issue you could always contact Intel.
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    ryanz2009 said:

    However the products that you have mentioned are not even about the problem you stated.
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