Please give me advice, im building 600$ pc

hello im from indonesia..i want to build new pc with low budget..... im not building this pc for game, altough i still want to try game
Can someone look over my build sheet in case I missed anything.

Parts Not Required: harddrive, keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Parts Preferences:
xigmatek asgard 2 fan (casing)

Intel Core i3-2100

Biostar TP67 B+ Motherboard

PATRIOT PSD3 4G 1333 KH (2X2G) Module SIGNATURE LINE KIT Series DDR3 Without Premium HeatSpreader

AcBel E2 470 OEM Pure 420W Peak 470W,Dual rail,20+4pin1x4+4,5x peripheral 4pin,1xfdd 4pin,1x 6pin PCI-E,2x sata,Auto speed fan control,Standart fan,non PFC
XIGMATEK 400W NRP-PC402 80 Plus Bronze


Sapphire HD 5670 Arctic Cooling 512Mb HM 2.3Mhz 128Bit DDR5 HDMI

Overclocking: NO

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I would like a quiet not too loud which is why I went with liquid cooled.

Thanks in advance hope Im not asking to much...
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    Get a power supply from a better company. No name psus are more likely to fail and take the rest of your computer with it. The xigmatek psu seems okay, but you'd really be better off with a Corsair CX 430.

    If you don't need to overclock, (you can't overclock sandy bridge i3s anyways) you can get an H67 motherboard, they are cheaper.

    If you are going to play newer games, the 5670 card will struggle with 1920x1080, if you aren't going to play games, then integrated graphics will do. ( you must get an H67 board to use it)
  2. thank you fb38ca4,,, so do you have any advice what card i must choose ?
    and for the motherboard do you have any recommendation ?
  3. Have you looked at the asrock motherboards? They are cheap (compared to other boards in their class), very well reviewed, and don't have lots of unnecessary features.

    The video card? It depends on what you want to play and on what settings. If you just want to play games already out today, and maybe some future ones at at least mid settings, then a 5770 (~$130) or gtx 460 768mb will do just fine. If you want better quality and more futureproofing, you'll want to buy a GTX 560 or an HD 6870. Keep in mind you'll need to expand your budget both for the cards and for the larger power supply they require. Read reviews of these cards and see what kind of performance you'll get out of them in games.
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