Dont Run games as i should!

hi i have a:

ATI HD radeon 5450 512mb
a pheonem 8850 x3 (2.5)
3GB ddr2 ram
windows vista
220watt power supply

i cant run my games as good and i was hoping someone here could pin point whats wrong bottlenecking? just sucks period?

btw im on a stock like computer acer ax1300

these are 2 videos of my games on low cuz they just lag when i go higher
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    your GPU is a low end. if you want to play games with higher resolution/detail, u need a more powerful gpu. And if you planning to upgrade, also replace the PSU with a 450w++ PSU. first gen phenom was a power hog so i dont think a phenom and a mid-high end gpu will be handled properly with ur PSU
  2. sad thing is my computer too small to fit a huge power supply i believe my kind of power supply is a slim or something guess i ahve to wait till i get a job or something to get a new computer
  3. well you may not need to get a new PC and new case will give you access to a better power supply etc.
  4. nawww parental reasons are making me not upgrade either so w/e
  5. Ya to be honest personally I wouldn't upgrade what you have now the 5450 is a pretty low end card that is really better for HD movies then gaming the phenom isn't to bad but you wont be able to upgrade your GPU with out a new PSU also with DDR2 you are going to see slow down there as well .
  6. Your PC is simply not a gaming machine, and it's not a good platform to start spending money on and trying upgrade either.
  7. I'm in complete Agreement with JIT any piece of hard ware that you upgrade and install now is going to be so badly bottle necked bye the CPU and ram that you will see a very very minor improvement not worth any investment.
  8. put the new power supply outside the case
  9. gaming pc is a high speed pc, try to upgrade your pc
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