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DVI not working on Win 7 32(VGA either)&64 bit except VGA works on 64bit

The whole story:

I've got two PCs I use: 1.) 32-bit Win7 w/ 1090T AMD CPU & 4gb memory (Board: MSI 890GXM-G65 (MS-7642) 1.0) & 2.) 64-bit Win7 w/ 955 AMD CPU & 4gb memory (Board: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA790GP-UD4H). I built them myself and have for the past 10 years, upgrading and what not.

I was playing Black ops on the 64-bit Win7 machine and added a Gigabyte HD5770 video card and it worked great. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't look down below eye level on the game. Tried everything, rebooting, uninstall/reinstall, logging out/into Steam, game was still was broken.

I then decided to completely uninstall it from the 64-bit machine & install it instead on my 32-bit PC. I did and the video was a bit jumpy. I then took the HD5770 video card from the 64-bit PC and installed it in the 32-bit PC. Everything worked great. I played for several hours last night (2/1/11) and today did my usual surfing on both PCs with zero problem. Then this evening (2/2/11) the video for both PCs quit using DVI connections. I'm now using the motherboard VGA port on the 64-bit PC. The monitor didn't get ANY signal from either PC using the DVI ports on either the video card(either port) or the MB DVI ports.

I tried everything on both 32 & 64 bit PCs.
32-bit w/ HD5770 video card I: rebooted. tried the DVI ports on HD5770(both) and the motherboard. Tried the VGA port on the MB. Tried a cable from MB & video card(HDMI) to monitor(DVI). Tried using different cables. Grabbed my kids LCD monitor and it didn't get any signal on either the DVI (on MB or VC) or VGA port on MB. Nothing worked. I can't get any sort of video to even reload any MB drivers...

64-bit PC (without the HD5770): rebooting. Motherboard DVI port. Different cables. Finally, I was able to get the VGA port to work on the MB using kids LCD. Swapped the VGA cable from kid's LCD to my LCD and it's working.

So, there's an issue with the video on the 32-bit PC(DVI, VGA & HDMI) and the DVI/HDMI video on the 64-bit PC. Whether it's the monitor DVI port (not likely as it didn't work on kids LCD either).

Strange as it seems the video card is bad but the dvi port on the MB also is inoperable on both PCs. I bought the HD5770 1/8/11 so I may try to return it for a new one... Don't know if it'll help though...

Any ideas would be appreciated. This has turned into an ordeal as diagnosing this issue has been a pain in the .... Thank you!

Tom W. Coole -
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    That's a complicated story haha,
    To break it down:
    1) Since you first lost monitor signal have you been able to sucessfully get anything to your monitor either on a different machine, through the MB or the 5770?

    2) Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers.

    I think swapping the same card between 2 machines and 2 monitors is introducing too many variables. I'd try to isolate. First confirm your monitor works, then confirm your onboard video works (on each machine seperately, with the correct drivers) then confirm your 5770 isn't faulty.
  2. Problem solved with the purchase of a new monitor! 24" ViewSonic - Great Picture

    Crazy but the DVI port on the monitor must have had a problem. Don't completely understand but a guy at MicroCenter said that something inside the monitor could have burned out relating to the DVI port.

    I believe it as a new monitor solved the problem with both PCs as soon as I plugged it in.

    Kids are now using my old monitor via VGA. Old monitor still works great, just VGA.

    Odd coincidence is that the kid's OLD monitor had the same problem. Couldn't get a DVI signal but VGA worked just fine.

    I bought a $20, two-year warranty (bring in and swap or get similar) on the new monitor. If I ever have this problem again w/ new monitor, I'm taking it back for new.

    CRAZY, stayed up till 5:30am on a work night trying to solve this but was unable. Turns out a new monitor is the simplest solution. I thought I was going nuts. I kept looking at the connections thinking, "I've got this set up right. Why aren't I getting video?"

    Thank you for your help!!
  3. Oh, I also swapped out the video cart at MicroCenter as I'd only been using it for about 22 days. Well under their 30-day return policy.

    thanks again!
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