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I'm getting $600 in a few days and I plan to spend it all on computer upgrades. Currently I have a Phenom II 965 system, with xfire 6870s, a MSI 790xt-g45 motherboard, 4 GB ddr3 ram, and a 750w Kingwin Lazer PSU. I plan to sell the Phenom, motherboard, and Ram and get a cherry picked i5 off ebay that hits 4.8ghz @ stock vcore, an Asus Sabertooth p67 motherboard with a 50mm fan, and 8 GB ddr3 corsair vengeance ram running @ 1600 mhz. I always like to double check my decisions here on tom's so what do you all think? Should I make changes or does this look good?
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  1. Actually i would wait for Enthusiast version of Sandy Bridge that comes next year Q1.

    Yes i know, the SB socket 1155 is an amazing cpu but to me it isnt worth the upgrade.And dont choose cherry pick cpus.
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