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Buying MOBO NOW! Help me choose it!

hey, finally going to decide what mobo to get and a friend of mine is away whos supposed to help me, and i only got 1 hour left so:

ok, so either i get this $95 board: but there this one which has everythign plus more for only $15 more so which should i get out of these two:

^ thats probably the highest i should of went on paying but i could pay up to $140. so if i were to get a board for $140 which should i get? help me find one, i want to crossfire so i need 2 x16 slots ( i got the GIGABYTE 6850 GPU), plus its amd quad core proccessor , so AM3+ socket. and this is the one i had so far:

would like the best possible cuz this one is 1 x16 , and other is 1 x8. Need reply's ASAP! Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. AsRock has their own top-notch MoBo under $100:
  2. i'd rather go with the $95 one i got. But can anyone answer my questions? please and thank you!
  3. Alright then.
    ASUS makes some solid MoBos, so you should have a good experience with it.
    You do not NEED x16 on both slots in Crossfire; even with x8 there will virtually be no performance difference (at most, 5 FPS loss).
    For $140, I'd go with this Gigabyte MoBo:
  4. thanks for the help, thats a nice mobo, but lots of people said my ram wont work having many problems. Plus it $10 over so...

    Any other inputs would be nice , i still got time!
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    The second MoBo looks promising.
    The ASUS does seem to have quite a lot of negative reviews.
    Go for the $110 Gigabyte MoBo.
  6. Thanks a lot ! i really thought it was better! :) i do got a $15 promo code off my next purchase should i stick with the $110 GIGABYTE or should i buy a better one and use the promo code? :D
  7. I think the Gigabyte will work out fine for you; no need to overspend.
    Also consider the AsRock I've mentioned before; they probably have the best price-performance ratio in the market when it comes to MoBos (excluding their Fatal1ty MoBos...).
  8. Thanks a lot! I got the GIGABYTE one it's really good rite? :D Lots of good reviews, so hoping everything works out, so got to wait 3 days now :) Thanks again!
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