A Good Mid-Size ATX Case with airflow?

Things it needs:
Side Window
Cheap, (No more then $60-$80)
Great Cable Management - I'm using a modular psu

And What color makes a better case look:


Thanks basically i've got these in mind but some have their own problems:

Cooler Master 430 Elite
NZXT M59 (This case kind of looks bad-ish)
Cooler Master Centurion 5 black with side window

Also for my cases, how many fans should i use, Right now im really considering the cm 430 elite a lot.

And i don't really have so many options
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    Great cable management aside, here are a few options for you -

    NZXT Guardian

    NZXT Apollo

    Lancool PC K-58

    If you can extend your budget a little then here's another good option -

    Coolermaster Storm Scout
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  3. Anonymous said:
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    nAnd I really like the Coolermaster cases you mentioned. Very good for the price.
    nI would recommend at the minimum a 120 intake in front, a 120 in the rear and a side fan for fresh air for the graphics card. I prefer an exhaust blow hole as well, especially for all in one type water cooling.
  4. BTW, the NZXT Apollo is a nice looking case but it is a little on the cheap side and cable management is non-existent. I bought one for a mod for my wife and the first thing I noticed is the lack of cable management.

    So I would look at the Centurion and 430 elite.
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