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Hey guys can anyone help me with a processor upgrade info with my ASUS X5DIJ, motherboard K501J 1ASX, ive searched online and got nowhere. I want to upgrade to a quicker processor as possible, currently i have an INTEL CELERON CORE 2 DUO T3100 1.9 GHZ, it runs well but i have 4gb of ram installed and would like a compatible cpu, if more info is needed i can provide it , thanks guys
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  1. isnt that a mobile processor? You will have trouble finding a replacement and it will be costly. not to mention the cooling solution in your laptop may not be enough for faster processors.
  2. yeah its a mobile processor, my friend upgraded his but he(and me) is not tech minded but can handle a screwdriver and the biggest advantage he had was that his laptop is featured on YouTube with a step by step guide to all sort of upgrades , sadly mine isnt but i have found some sites selling mobile processors for my make of laptop with slightly faster speeds but im greedy and want more, lol
  3. unless its at least 0.5ghz faster or more, you wont notice the difference.
  4. im going hardcore, lol, i want to go as high as possible as it is a good laptop with 4meg ram BUT a puny dual core 1.9ghz cpu, i dont get that
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