Very bad Lag when playing SC 2, TF 2, and alien swarm?

Hello, I am having some internet problems. Like if I play SC 2 online I will randomly DC, and if I play TF 2 I got tons of lag, and AS is just a bunch of lag.
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  1. DL rate is 800kbps
    UL rate is 124kbps

    Ping = 43MS
    Jitter= 2 ms
    Grade A
    packet loss = 0%
  2. that's a local speed test. Blizzard is hosted on AT&T networks. The real question is, what kind of connection does your ISP have to AT&T.

    edit: With TF2, you can see the server's IP address. Try to do ping <ip> and see what. If you see a low ping there, but you get a high ping in game, something more sinister is at work. Either something on your network is slowing down TF2 or your ISP is doing that.

    tracert <ip> could also give you valuable data as it shows what your ping is to every hop between you and the server.

    The route taken is very important

    You'll notice that German Town is 1/2 the distance that Chicago is, yet it gets a worse ping.
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