Hello, I have an HP Pavilion a1777c that seems to have a virus or Satan in the bios. The hard drive has been formatted, well now removed all together. I replaced the ram at the same time After I removed hard drive. Two gigs was showing in setup utility as 32 mb. And would not alow any operating system to be loaded. Kept offering me blue screen fatal errors. A different one each time. Time to flash the bios right? I can't find a good old fashion power on flash update. The only bios updates available must be run from a windows environment. I ca not load a windows environment untill it is flashed! Please offer advice other than a priest, garlic etc. ......help!......
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  1. Does your motherboard have a 3-pin set labeled CLR_CMOS? If so disconnect the power cord from the wall, remove the jumper, then cover the middle pin and the pin that was formerly exposed. Wait about 30 seconds, then remove the jumper and replace it on the pins it originally covered. Then re-connect the power cord and power-on the system. Try to access the BIOS with the proper key, e.g., F2, Del, or F10.
  2. Thank you for trying to help. I did try that and tried removing battery also. I tried pci-e graphic card and I tried on board video. I tried 1gb ram, 2gb ram, 4gb ram.
    I think I need to flash bios. I need an old fashion floppy boot flash utility that the bios update that I downloaded could be plugged into,,,,,,know where I can find one?
    know someone who can write one? maybe a get out of hell free card?

    Also using the keyboard is not helpfull because the monitor does not even trigger up from power down state. (the yellow LED on the monitor does not turn green) but i tries anyway and nothing
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