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I5 2500k temps too high?

I completed my build about one week ago and first noticed high temps in the ASUS setup screen when i turned it on(60-68 degrees).

Afterwards I ran real temp and found that my computer idled at 35-40 degrees and when playing starcraft 2 it went up to 65-68 degrees. I then did a stress test with prime 95 and temps went up to 85,87,82,and 78 respectively for all four cores. I turned it off prior to seeing if it would go any higher.

I have an i5 2500k, ASUS z68, and stock cooler.

Is this an ok temperature under full load or do I have a cooling problem?
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  1. What is your ambient temp? What case do you use? What kind of airflow does it have?

    For how long did you run Prime95? Did it jump to those temps nearly immediately? If so, it sounds like you have a cooling problem.

    Idle temps don't matter too much, but they seem pretty normal, perhaps slightly on the high side.
  2. I have an antec 300 w good airflow. I had it on for maybe 2mins and went up to those temps. If you think it is necessary, what type of cooler should I get? I am not currently planning on overclocking but may do so in the future.
  3. Room temp is maybe 70 f
  4. The temps in the BIOS will always be higher because the CPU cannot go into low-power idle mode until it boot fully into Windows.

    I've noticed a lot of people with ASUS board that have high temps and they don't know why. It's usually because ASUS boards like to auto-overclock without telling you that they are going to do it. Your temps shouldn't be that high, and I'm betting that your CPU has been overclocked without your knowledge.

    Download and install CPU-Z if you haven't already. While running Prime95, make a note of the CPU speed and CPU voltage in CPU-Z, then post them here. You're probably running at around 3.7GHz and 1.3v CPU voltage.

    The stock cooler is perfectly fine if you don't overclock, and assuming your board doesn't auto-overclock for you.
  5. When running prime 95 when should I stop it? I'm concerned that the temp will get too high and damage the CPU/ motherboard.
  6. The CPU will auto-throttle to a lower speed to protect itself before any damage is done. You don't really have to worry until the temps get in the mid-90sºC, but make sure you don't continually run it that hot.

    To keep Sandy Bridge happy for a long-term overclock:
    1. Keep the peak Prime95 core temps below 75ºC
    2. Keep the CPU voltage below 1.4v
  7. Intel stock cooler is junk. Toss it and get a decent cooler like the CM Hyper 212+ for $30
  8. I just ran a sensor test through real temp which uses prime 95 and the highest the temps got to was 81, 82 79 and 74. The voltage never change from 1.168 bt the clock speed went up to 3411 mhz. not sure if that matters. if there are just a couple cores that are running much hotter than others does that mean anything?
  9. If I am planning on overclocking in the future should I just purchase a different cooler or wait until I actually do?
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    You can get a new one now or later, it's up to you. The stock cooler is fine for stock speeds as long as it's mounted correctly.

    You shouldn't be getting the high temps you're seeing now, as the CPU is running at the right voltage and speed for stock settings. In fact, your CPU voltage is below normal, so the temps should be lower than most. There is temp variation between cores on every multi-core processor, sometimes as much as 10ºC difference between them.

    I'm guessing that something with the cooler wasn't done right. Take off the right side panel of the case. Are all four white mounting pins pushed through to the back of the board, and are all four black retaining pins poking through the middle of the white mounting pins?
  11. I did that based upon your other responses in other threads and it looks like the bottom to are not pushed in as far as the top ones (the black portion reaches the end of the white mounting pins while it is halfway through on the bottom. I turned the knobs to release the cooler and then tried to push them back in but it did not appear to change anything and I felt I was pushing too hard for it to be safe. The other thing I can think of is that maybe I didn't remove the plastic from the coller covering the thermal paste. Other ppl were asking about that and I did not think that it on there. If I did not remove it, could that cause significant problems?

    Should I take the cooler off and put it back on? If so do I need new thermal paste? what else do i need?
  12. Any advice?
  13. Bump lol
  14. If you do take off the cooler, you would need to clean off the default thermal compound (from CPU and cooler) and apply new stuff to the CPU. That should probably be your next step.
  15. Leaps-from-Shadows said:
    If you do take off the cooler, you would need to clean off the default thermal compound (from CPU and cooler) and apply new stuff to the CPU. That should probably be your next step.

    I was thinking that I needed to do that. Two questions:

    1. Do I need to remove the motherboard from my antec 300 case when reseating the cooler?
    2. Do I need to remove the CPU from its holder on the motherboard in order to clean it.

    I think the answer to both questions is yes but I want to make sure before I go through all this work.

    Third question.. lol.. do you have a link to a good step by step for this procedure?
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    Bump lol

    Bump posts
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