Help clocking ripjaw x memory

Ok i'm just at the point of throwing this whole computer out of the window.
I changed my mainboard, processor and memory last week and have got the cpu at a stable 4.8ghz
Im now trying to play with the memory to see how far i can get it (Other forums are saying 2000mhz). Only one problem this new bios is giving me a headache, changed all the specs to what i'm starting with but every time i start it up i'm still running at 1600.

Ok heres a full build list.

mainboard:- Asrock z68 extreme3 gen3
cpu:- 2500k @4.8ghz
memory:- gskill ripjaw x black 6-8-6-24-1N 1600
Gfx:- Msi GTX460 1gb cyclone @ 880-1760-1900
Hdd:- Samsung 256gb ssd
All liquid cooled temps at 25ish idle and 55ish under full load Memory specs from gskill! Link to forum as what i'm trying to achieve.
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  1. Just tried setting the speeds lower than rated and it still comes up at 1600 even at 1333 and 1066.

    I'm starting to have doubts as to wether this is a memory or mainboard fault now as surely it should let me down clock them.
  2. Problem solved, Was just a wrong setting in bios. Now happily running at 5ghz, 2133 9-9-9-28 @1.5v
  3. Good man on that man
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