App or Gadget to monitor Core i7 CPU Speed?

Does anyone know of any good Windows Gadget or Tray application that will let me monitor the Core i7 CPU Speed?

I downloaded this Intel Boost monitor and it shows me one number (not per core) and it's the ugliest app ever:

I also have a gadget called Multimeter that shows a percentage of how much each thread (8 of them) is being used. It has a core speed monitor but the max it ever shows is 1.87 even when the Intel monitor is showing 2.9ghz.

Also, are there any good application if I want to manually set that core speed? For example I want to set it to 3.2 (max of a 840QM) for a while.

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    This is a 45watt mobile cpu, with a turbo busrt mode of up to 3.2 Ghz, and this would likely be for a single core of the quad cores....

    It is meant to throttle downward when the workload is done, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trying to set it for a constant 3.2 GHz even if it was possible....
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