Low Scores with 6950.

Hi there.
I have a weird problem, when I run 3DMark 06 i get around 16500~ points with a HD6950 and my brother got
almost the same with a HD6850.
I get 11000 3Dmark'10 and ~4600 3Dmark'11 (In Performance settings!)
I have the latest driver, 11.1a.

My specs:
Q9400 @ ~3.66GHz
Asus P5K "Vanilla"
Sapphire HD6950
Antec Earthwatts 650W
Fatality 4GB 1066Mhz

My brother:
AMD 550 x2 @ ~3.7GHz
Gigabyte 790x (dont remember exact name) (AM2)
Gigabyte HD6850
Corsair 650W
Corsair 6GB 800Mhz

So I wonder if my card is getting bottleneck'd by my CPU or Mobo (it's only PCI-E 1.1)?
Or is it my PSU, it only have one 6+2 PCI-E connector so i had to use a 2x 4pin to 6pin converter,
could the card get to little power?
It feels weird that my brother have the same score as me with a dualcore and a 6850, so something gotta be wrong.
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  1. You are comparing 2 very different computers, so a direct comparison isn't really applicable.

    That being said, your PSU is fine. You are limiting your GPUs performance with the PCI-E version you are using.

    Think of it like using a garden hose versus a fire hose. Both can deliver water to a fire, but one can flow much more, much faster, than the other.

    I think you figured out your limitation yourself.

    Good luck!
  2. Yeah, I had that in mind, but wasn't sure, because the Mobo is quite old, hehe.
    Thinking a while of upgrading the Mobo, there's not many 775's here in Sweden left but i found an AsRock P45XE and seen some good reviews about it, and it's cheap.
    Maybe that's a good "upgrade" until Bulldozer getting released (Whenever that is).

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