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Birthday Gift, New Graphics Card

Let me first start off by saying; I've more than likely missed a sticky or a HUGE thread entitled "WOW gfx cards - best for under $100"
i've looked through,2834-2.html
and the Cataclysm WOW guide but didn't actually see what I wanted to see. (I told you I've probably missed something.)

Anyway, I'm thinking I have a limit of around $100
Can anyone recommend anything better, and/or tell me what to look for so I can do some [informed] searching on my own?

Thanks for your help

EDIT: Really all I want out of the card is to be able to play WoW at all Ultra settings at 1600x900(wide)
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    Per your request, a suggestion:

    What do you have now? Also, what are the basic specs for your system?
  2. Right now I have an integrated Radeon HD 4200 and using a plug-and-play Acer x203h on the DVI-D cord

    Rosewill RV2-600 (600w power supply)
    AMD Athlon II X2 245 (clocked at 2.9GHz w/ 2.0MB total Cache)
    G.Skill DDR2-1066 PC2-8500 4GB (2x 2GB)

    if I've missed anything let me know. Thanks for your hasty reply, it is MUCH appreciated
  3. Knock yourself out. There are plenty of charts/benchmarks and recommendations in this article. It looks like WOW has a slight preference for Nvidia cards:,2793.html



    "That takes us to the perpetual back and forth between AMD and Nvidia. Although AMD's Radeon HD 5800- and 6800-series cards demonstrate notable differentiation at 2560x1600, lower resolutions show the company's fastest boards running into a limitation in the mid-80 FPS range--below Nvidia's competing GeForce GTX 460. The high-end Nvidia cards start hitting their own platform-imposed ceilings up above 100 FPS. There's really no good explanation for this other than AMD's cards are more platform-dependent than Nvidia's in this game. Once you dip below GeForce GTX 460 levels, there's a huge drop-off to the GTS 450 and GTx 200-series cards. At the point, AMD's offerings become more competitive, with the Radeon HD 6850 and 5770 looking like particularly solid values for the folks who want in on Ultra quality settings without spending a ton of money."
  4. hmmm, my monitor clocks out at 1600x900 so anything higher is somewhat irrelevant for right now, all things considered. I really don't care for 80+fps i would appreciate around 30, though more is always better. If i can get 30+ fps at ultra four ~$100, I'm a happy guy. I've done a bit of searching, and i like the card COLGeek linked. I would really like to see it benchmarked on WoW @ultra settings. If it gets roughly 30fps it'd be a dream-card, just to give a bit of perspective :D . Also, I'm not a fan of nVidia, I've not had much success with them.
  5. 37 FPS
  6. is that what the 5750 clocks at on Ultra settings, on average?
  7. The next to last chart provided by matto17secs shows the 5750 producing approx 37 FPS at 1920x1080 with WOW in ultra. You would get an even higher rate at the 1600x900 your monitor supports (manipulating fewer pixels). More than fits your current desired level of performance (original card recommended).

    Have fun!
  8. Oh wow, how did I miss that. Thank you guys a bunch. I'm not sure which I want to give best answer to lol. You guys + This forum rock.
  9. I'd spend an extra $20 over ha $100 budget for the 460

    about 90 fps according to THG at your resolution.

    The 1 GB 460 is about 17% faster than the 1 GB 6850. I doubt the memory drop to 768 will have that much of a performance impact at your resolution tho.
  10. the 785 is a bit out of my price range :/ but i still :o at it lol
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