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I own a desk top computer 2.66 dual core + 1 Gb ram. I used a belkin wireless router along with my internet adsl 'Baton' internet modem. with the wireless connectivity i connected my laptop to the internet. But as soon as i installed Win 7 Ultimate on my comp, i couldn't access my belking router my laptop. earlier in wireless network list it used to show 'belkin5' as wireless network list. but after installing Win 7 it showed me 'Home-pc_Network' in the wireless network list which is WPA2 security enabled. i tried to access the Home-Pc_network from my laptop by entering the password i had given in my HomeGroup password settings. But even then i could get through to access the network. Please help!
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  1. My guess is you need a driver for your computer's wireless adapter -- one which works with Window7. You will then need to set up your adapter and supply the password to your router's wireless security.
  2. on the home pc go to network and sharing centre and check in the left pane for advanced sharing settings there is a option "ask for password" uncheck that option and you should be able to access your home pc for your your laptop.
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