Is Windows 7 'transferable'?

Hello everybody.

I have a small question to ask and I hope to get some answers.

I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate in a 1 TB WD hard drive for my build a couple years ago. Then, some unfortunate things happened and my rig was laying around for a good two years without startup. Now, I've managed to fix things and want to continue my passion towards OCing but I have a small question regarding Windows 7.

I've got some funding and I'm planning to get a new hard drive, probably a WD Velociraptor or maybe even a SSD. I want to have the OS on this hard drive/SSD.

My question is, is there any way I can 'move' or 'transfer' Windows 7 from my old drive to the new one. I guess a reinstall would be necessary but how about the serial number? Or must I get a fresh copy of Windows 7?

Thank you very much for reading my post. Appreciate it.

Have a nice day,

I forgot to mention that I have a 64-bit version. Thanks again.
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  1. Acronis true image home or similar drive imaging software will let it move from HDD to HDD
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    yes (especially if it is a retail copy).

    The retail copy allows you to install 1 copy of Windows 7 on any computer. If you want to move said copy you just have to uninstall the old one and re-install the new one.

    The OEM version is tied to a specific PC. You can re-install windows if you change components (replace broken parts or upgrades to new stuff), but it is still supposed to be the same PC. The reality is that you can outright move it to a new PC but you may have to call Microsoft to have them re-activate the key (you'll see a phone number on your monitor if it won't register)

    EDIT: failed reading comprehension. If you don't want to fresh install, you can use the above software or even use clonezilla which is open source and free. You just need to make a CD or USB boot device.
  3. I bought the boxed version which contained both 32-bit and 64-bit installation discs so its a retail copy. So, I can install windows on any hard drive provided I have the serial number?
  4. Yes, no problem.
  5. If you are just changing the Harddrive, windows will not give you any problems reactivating it. If you change the motherboard however, things get a bit more complicated.
  6. If you bought retail even better. You can move your copy onto as many machines as your heart desires.
  7. I'm revamping my rig so I'm literally changing everything except the CPU and the power supply.

    What problems could arise?
  8. Thanks Supermuncher85 for the clarification.

    And thank you to everyone who responded. Greatly appreciated.
  9. Eleska said:
    I'm revamping my rig so I'm literally changing everything except the CPU and the power supply.

    What problems could arise?

    At worst, you would have to relicense it online.
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