PSU +12v reading REALLY low?

The past few days I haven't been able to play any games without the game crashing and BSOD. I ran HW Monitor, SpeedFan, and PC Wizard to check temps and all seemed normal except my +12v is only reading at 1.41v?
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  1. That's off

    Try OCCT
  2. If your 12V rail were really that low nothing would run. It would appear that all of the boards are switching your +12V reading with something else. I would run memtest to rule your memory out as the source of the issue, then i would go get a digital multimeter and check the voltages for real, software is often flaky about which boards it can read voltages from, a DMM always works.
  3. It is true that if the 12v was that low your PC wouldn't run. However due to the BSOD issue combined with this dodgy reading I would look to your PSU first and foremost as there is likely an issue there. Go into your BIOS and see if there is a PC Health or similar option and check your voltages there if you can. Otherwise swap the PSU out or at least take the PSU to be tested. A bad PSU can cause all sorts of damage in your system. If you see the voltage in the BIOS reading putting out varied readings the PSU is failing. It should be steady.
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