I have not built a rig since ddr 400 was out.. lol I recently purchased an asus P5N-D from my brother but he cant find the installation disk. I ALWAYS use the manufacturers disk and then update through nvidia. I am having crazy BOSD issues and the BOSD codes are not on the internet! anyway... I have to ask this :
Can you take an out of the box board, mount it and just go directly to NVIDIA and DL there GPU and mainboard drivers and your good to go?
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  1. Usually, you have to at least have a driver for the LAN port, in order to be able to get to the internet. I would suggest downloading the drivers onto another computer that works, then burning them to a CD and use that to install the required drivers.
  2. YEah that much I figured.. although the legacy drivers that come with win worked in this case... I have had that trouble before though!
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