I need help with a graphics card please!

Basic info would be that I still have on-board graphics.

Computer is HP-p6320f. I would like to get something for around $200 or less.

1 GB ddr5 is what I'm looking for.

The card I have in mind is a Sapphire HD 6850. I have no clue if it will fit, though.

I have a micro ATX motherboard if that helps?
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More about graphics card please
  1. Hello,

    Please tell me some information about your PSU. I can't find anything on it. Wattage on the +12V rails will help?

    I doubt that there will be much space for an HD6850 in there to be honest.
  2. Alright. without opening the computer back up, i google searched and found this :

    P/N: 5188-2625 HP: Gateway: Compaq: Brand: Lite On - Original LITE ON Part. Description: Input 100-127V~/8A, 200-240V~/4A (50-60 Hz) Output +5V/25A, +12V/19A, +5Vsb/2A, +3.3V/18A, -12V/0.8A DC Output 300 W
  3. If that is your power supply then there is no way, sorry but no chance of running an HD6850. You need a much more powerful PSU my friend...
  4. I am looking to upgrade the PSU too. I made a thread in the PSU section since my post in this section was deleted when I asked for PSU info.. PSUThread
  5. I also do not plan on dual GPU's. Just need one.

    My screen resolution will be 1920 x 1080
  6. Is $280 your budget?For that much you can get a really good quality PSU and a 6870.Only problem is it might not all fit into your case.
    I used to own a hp comp and the case's are really small.I doubt you can fight a power supply in it,let alone a GPU like the 68xx series.

    Check your measurements and see if it will fit...The size will be the same for the 6850 as for the 6870.

    PSU/Seasonic 520watt
    L=5.9" W=5.5" H=3.3"

    GPU 6870
    L=10.3" W=4.4" H=1.5"

    Saphire 6870

    Seasonic 520watt
  7. On a 300w PSU you should avoid any card that needs an external power connector. This means the best you are going to do is an HD5670 basically. If you want something better you will need a new power supply. If you want to remain within your $200 budget then these;
    Are $215 before rebate and $165 after. If you are willing to go up to $200 after rebate then perhaps you can still fit in either the HD6850 you mentioned or a 1gb GTX 460.
  8. purple stank said:
    I used to own a hp comp and the case's are really small.I doubt you can fight a power supply in it,let alone a GPU like the 68xx series.
    I'm pretty sure HP uses standard form factor PSUs in most systems. This is supposedly the inside of the HP-p6320f:

    The PSU looks to be a normal size and actually pretty easy to remove. There appears to even be space exactly where you would want it to fit a decent sized video card.
  9. Alrighty. I appreciate the input :). Yes, I could go $200 or so on a GPU. As far as my gaming needs go, it will be games like Starcraft 2, Guild wars, Guild wars 2.

    I know any of these cards will easily run those. Is there a card that will meet these needs with a little headroom? I don't want to go with a super powerful card if I'm not going to use it up as much as other gamers.
  10. Yes, that is the inside of mine. I do plan on building my next one, though. I'm tired of HP junkware and all that mess. I'm thinking I will be able to fit a good card in there. I just don't want to run into the RAM or that white thing under the bundled cables..
  11. The video card will face the opposite direction from the RAM so you don't need to worry about that. The heatsink on the motherboard you are talking about should be designed to fit under a video card.
    The HD6850 and GTX 460 1gb are the most appropriate for your needs, resolution and budget if you don't need to fit the PSU in that $200. For an HD6850 I would probably get this;
    For a GTX 460 probably this;
    The PSU I linked earlier can easily handle your system and either card even if you give them a high overclock and is a great brand.
  12. Going to go out on a limb here....

    Since you plan on building your next computer (a smart idea) I made that move last year when upgrading from my old p4 and have built 4 others for family and friends since got exactly what I wanted at a great price and much more flexibility.

    I have no idea of the internal components in your hp computer now or if they are standardized, but if they are you could easily just transfer them into a new case that would accomodate the video card that you want, assuming the components are standardized.

    A new case would eat a little of your GPU budget but you could eventually build a new rig in it as the need arises.

    I just upgraded my GPU to a 6850 from a 5670 and my windows experience index for gpu went from 7.0 to 7.8 and for me at 1600 x 900 playing wow it works great + the card effortlessly oc's to near the 6870's performance. After MIR I paid 160$ for the card

    I run a corsair 650w psu which after rebate I got for $59.99

    I went with a great low-mid case for my first build which i'm very happy with. Antec 300 which cost me $50.00

    So all total if you went this route you'd have about 270$ +/- into it and in a good position for a rebuild around the new case, psu, gpu down the road

    Obviously there are other cases, psu, gpu @ or near this price point depends on you preference and deals at the time of purchase

    Anyone with specific knowledge about his HP components care to weigh in on if this is viable option?

    Just an idea might work great, or not at all
  13. That Antec is a better deal than the seasonic i linked.If you really aren't into gaming a whole lot then i guess settling for a GTX460 is a better option.The gtx460 should have no problem maxing out Guild Wars.But will give you more of an edge twards SC2 than the 6850/ATI card(s) would.Altough since the 6870 is within your budget it wouldn't be a bad idea to get that.It will last you much longer than a 460 would.Call it futureproof.
  14. If I have to, I most definitely will. I hopefully won't have to build one for another 3-4 years. I just got this 6 months ago. Case wise, if mine will not fit a card and a good PSU then I have no choice but to do that.

    I like the cards so far. I'm still deciding which one is best.

    The antec PSU, Purple, is the one I plan to go with. Good price and power. + it fits
  15. If you are willing to spend $20 more the MSI Hawk is the best GTX 460 you can buy;
    It has the best cooling and is specifically designed to achieve a very high overclock if that is something you are interested in or may be in the future.
  16. I'm not too much into over-clocking right now. that could be an option. I'm between 2 cards right now. the Sapphire HD 6850. or the Asus 6850

    The sapphire has has some BSOD issues from the reviews, but the Asus hasn't. I"m leaning more Asus right now. Would that work?
  17. I'm still reccomending the 6870.The one i linked is $220 and $200 after MIR plus it has Free Shipping.And it is the fastest card listed so far.
    I currently own a XFX 6870 and it's really nice.
  18. Totally forgot to ask..
    What is your full system specs.?
    Want to make sure your not bottlenecking any card you put in there.
  19. The HD6870 is a good choice if you are willing to go over the $200. I'm not too big on the card myself as a GTX 460 with a decent factory OC like the Hawk I linked is cheaper and not very far behind the HD6870 in terms of performance.
  20. Specs are (hope I get this right)

    AMD phenom II x4 820
    8 GB 1333 mhz ddr3 RAM
    300 W PSU from LiteOn
    Windows 7 home premium
    1 TB WD HDD @ 5200 rpm

    Anything else xD?

    I'll keep the 6870 in mind and all the other cards. The Hawk you linked doesn't have an HDMI connection. I would like to connect my TV to watch movies on it. It's still on the table, though.
  21. Well if he has $80 to spend on the PSU i totaled $280 for the GPU and PSU as the budget.Which is why i went for the 6870.Altough i'm sure the GTX460 and 6850 are more than suffient for your needs at this moment.

    That 820,is it 2.8ghz?
  22. kk. I'll tell you what can fit in my computer when I open it up and measure in a few minutes.

    And yes, 2.8ghz
  23. Well if your computer looks like the pic I linked a dual slot card looks like it should basically have the entire length of the case to fit in. So you shouldn't need to worry about length I guess.

  24. That is line and I just measured what I can take. Width = 3.5" Length = 12" and Height = 5.5

    So now, is heating going to be an issue?
  25. I don't think heat will be much of a problem on the cards we are talking about.
  26. kk. I know my wires that you see there will run into my card. Would it be ok for them to sit on top of my card? I can't move them too much.
  27. Yeah, that's fine. You may actually be able to run them between the card and the board if necessary.
  28. Kk. I'm going to stick with the 6850 from Sapphire then. Psu is the Antec from Purple. I won't have any bottleneck right? 2.8 ghz Phenom II x4 820. 8 gigs of ram? That will all work well with the card?
  29. Whoa dude, if you're gonna go for a 6850, get this one.

    It's $139. Easily the lowest cost 6850 at the moment. The deal won't last long, though.

    Why haven't any of you guys linked him to this deal yet?
  30. No returns accepted. Should I get a lemon, I'm screwed..? price is nice, no return is mean.
  31. Yeah, that's a good deal.
    The MSI, Asus and some of the Gigabyte cards tend to have superior cooling but if you are going to go for a Sapphire you might as well just get the HIS card above and save some money.
  32. Seriously, for the price it's a steal.
  33. Enz said:
    No returns accepted. Should I get a lemon, I'm screwed..? price is nice, no return is mean.

    The seller has 100% feedback so they should be trustworthy. I dunno, I guess a bad card would be dealt with through the 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  34. Ok. All I need now is the answer on my computer and bottleneck-ing? This card won't do this to me with my specs correct?
  35. With those specs you'd be totally fine.
  36. Kk. Thank you so much! I appreciate everyone's input and you have all been a tremendous help to me! I got some sweet deals, a great PSU. I'm all set :D!
  37. The 2.8ghz may limit the card a lil on the some current games that still only use 2 cores rather than 4 but it isn't something I would worry about much.
  38. He could always overclock a few hundred mhz just in case. Really wouldn't need more than a bump up to 3.1-3.2 ghz for him to be perfectly okay.
  39. Can't OC on an HP.
  40. I linked the Seasonic PSU actually,jyjjy linked the Antec.The Antec is much better than my choice.

    That is a good deal on the 6850,but it is unknown what you will get.Might just get the card and nothing extra.I would go for the Asus or the MSI versions.They usally come with lots of extras(dvi to vga, molex adapters etc.) and the heatsinks are great.One problem with my XFX 6870 is that the fan is really loud so going with a Asus version with DirectCU will probably lower the noise.

    SC2 is very CPU intensive but i'm sure it will do fine.
  41. Totally missed that it was an HP.

    Fail on my part.
  42. I honestly don't know if that 6850 will fit in your case since the new AMD cards are pretty huge. I believe they are nearly 11 inches long. Also you'll probably be bottle necking that gpu with that HP desktop. I did the same thing before i bought a desktop dell computer way back and put a 3870 graphics card in it. It ran most of the games i play except for Crysis. But it does play bc2 fine in high settings.
  43. It's a MicroATX case it will be fine.A slight O.C. would benefint the card but it's nothing thats going to seriously bottleneck it.And the GTX460/6850 aren't super powerful so theirs no reason to raise alarm.
  44. Change your pwr supply and make sure that gpu will fit before you buy it...im sure you'll be fine.
  45. Bigmac80 said:
    I honestly don't know if that 6850 will fit in your case since the new AMD cards are pretty huge. I believe they are nearly 11 inches long.
    The reference HD 6850 is 9 inches long, not 11. Some of the non-reference designs are closer to 10 but even if it was 11 it would fit just fine.
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