Intel BLKDP67BA Mobo, can't install Windows XP

hi guys,

I've got that mobo I've mentioned about and there's now way I can install Windows xp, I was wondering whether this is something normal with that Intel BA series or what. Whenever i put my dvd inside, it tells me it starts loading and after 40 secs i see blue screen and info that if tghis is the first time and his is not a virus i should do F:/check

I didn't update my BIOS, do you think it's necessary for Xp instal ??
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  1. First, you need XP SP2 or SP3; here's an ISO if needed -

    I install most OSes from a Flash Drive, here's a good guide - or nLiteOS - allows you to create a customized installed (slipstream) SATA drivers.

    You 'can' install by setting SATA -> IDE, but it's not the way I'd do it.

    So you'll need the (F6) drivers from Intel for SATA -> AHCI/RAID:

    These drivers can be either slipstreamed or add the EXTRACTED (unzipped) drivers to a folder on the Flash Drive call it 'RAID' and copy the files in the folder. Then when asked 'Have Drivers' use them from the 'RAID' folder. After that you should be 'good'. Often I have a folder called 'DRIVERS' (unzipped) just in case and/or copy to desktop after Windows installs.

    Linked here (select OS type/bit) -
  2. but why would I need iso if i have a legit Windows xp ?
  3. I just posted (if needed) XP SP3 in case you needed it, SP1 won't work legit or not.
  4. OK, I was just wondering why on Earth I can't install Windows xp (non sp2 and sp3) ? It's really weird.

    Is this mobos or chipset fault ??
  5. Older versions of XP lack driver support required for installation. A whole lot of hardware changes and technology has developed since XP.

    Heck even Windows 7 SP1 lacks proper support to install on LGA 2011/X79 and to properly install you need to do essentially what I suggested you do.

    Nature of 'new'.
  6. Found some XP sp3 (full), downloaded (I know it's working), used nLite to prepare my pendrive and couldn't install it, no freaking way.

    I mean it all goes nicely, i get to choose my C partition tpo install it and in few secs it says I might have a damaged hdd or something. But it's imposible cause I could install Vista.

    Here's my motherboard: Intel BLKDP67BAB3 click me and here

    Maybe there's something with that mobo ? Everything's so bright i mean way too bright compared to my old GIGABYTE GA-945PL-S3. I mean, my eyes hurt and find it difficult to adjust that terrible brightness. It's like I need to adjust gamma or siomething. Is there something wrong with my new mobo ?? i thought the image would still be in contrast and such... In my older mobo i didn't need to adjust anything was just fine link
  7. Intel says 'AS-IS' which means no guarantees -

    If you want XP to work a possible workaround is to get a copy of e.g. Windows 7 Pro and use the 'XP Mode' - or similar setup with a 'Virtual Box' i.e. VMware or a different MOBO that clearly offers documented support and drivers for XP. Three options, pick the best for you.
  8. what about that brightness and out of contrast thing ? I mean that really puzzled me, does this mean that my mobo is of poor quality ?
  9. Adjust the Brightness and Contrast on your monitor, also there should be a Kelvin control (turn it down). Any changes in 'brightness' aren't coming from a P67 MOBO, it's from the default of whatever GPU you have and it's Default color calibration (same with printers) -- Profiles.

    See -
  10. Kelvin comtrol ? Is this the LCD's color control ? if so I always have it set to normal, anything else is worse.

    I've tried adjusting brightness and things but it doesn't help. It's still too bright or out of focus.

    My guess is that my system is unbalanced because of that motherboard I have and I think it bottlenecks the rest of the hardware I have.

    How would you rate that motherboard in p67 compartment ? from 1-10.

    I mean maybe p67 is too weak for my hardware ?? Toms Hardware recommends z68 click me I thought that p67 was better for gaming and they recommend z68. I'm really confused with all that...
  11. I've never followed a 'Gaming PC Configuration -- guide' in my life. Actually, the P67 typically has better SATA, USB and in some cases GPU frame rates. The upside to Z68/Z77 is Quick Sync, SSD Caching and iGPU support. The Z77 does have the improved Virtu MVP and not the problems in i-Mode/d-Mode with Quick Sync and in many cases actually 'does' improve frame rates in supported games by splitting rendering tasks to both the IGPU and discrete GPU(s).

    About the cheapest Z68 for OC'ing that I recommend are the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 or P8Z68-V/GEN3.

    Keep in mind the newer Z77's just got released, but since I have seen no testing or feedback with the Ivy Bridge I don't recommend one or another (yet). New are the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and P8Z77-V; I expect good things for the money from the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO -

    Full side-by-side -
  12. OK thanks man, what about Gigabyte, they are faulty or of poor quality ??

    What about this one Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3

    And which p67 would you recommend ?

    How would you rate BLKDP67BA in p67 compartment ? from 1-10.
  13. Rate (6/10) BLKDP67BA

    P67 for the money = ASUS P8P67 PRO

    The GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 is okay, the GA-Z68XP-UD4 is better, but neither is like the UD5 series for OC'ing.
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