Which is best for me amd or intel

sir tell me that which is best for me i'm going to purchace so plz tell me ?
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  1. Without any info on your budget or use, I have no idea what to suggest. Try getting that new Via CPU? That 12W quad core they just came out with?
  2. Heart_Prince said:
    sir tell me that which is best for me i'm going to purchace so plz tell me ?

    Budget? What are you planning to do with the computer?
  3. Most of the things are better off on an intel platform.However you better tell us the aim of this new pc and the budget that way we can give you the best advice possible.
  4. The BEST Bang For BUCK is the i3-2120, it performs nearly the same or close as an i7 920:
  5. The best BANG for the buck is the i5-2500k imho for Intel. Great overclocking headroom with a P68/z68 motherboard and very fast.

    best for price for AMD would be the 955BE coupled with an AM3+ motherboard.
  6. With gaming (and at what res), or without?
  7. Heart_Prince said:
    sir tell me that which is best for me i'm going to purchace so plz tell me ?

    if you a lot of money get intel core i7 SB or i7990x :D
  8. IMHO, it's a simple equation. An Intel platform will cost you more to build/buy and they (INTEL) are much more likely to obsolete their own platform meaning likely replacement rather than upgrading in the future. AMD platforms do not perform quite as well (although most people will never notice the difference) but cost less to buy/build and are much more likely to be useful going forward as AMD is much more considerate of it's customers upgrade options.
  9. In general, Intel is a better choice than AMD because of performance. Intel CPUs can process more every clock cycle than AMD making Intel CPUs more efficient at running programs. An example would be a dual core Intel Core i3-2100 ($125) can beat a quad core AMD Phenom II X4 955 ($120) in all game benchmarks. However, the Phenom II X4 955 can beat the Core i3-2100 in many tasks that are multi-threaded like file compression and video encoding.

    AMD CPUs are generally cheaper than Intel CPUs because of the performance difference. So building a computer around an AMD CPU is a little cheaper, but you do take a little hit in performance as well.

    One thing in AMD's favor is that they are pretty consistent with their sockets types. They do not change socket types as often as Intel (which is about every two years based on a 6 year track record), therefore newer AMD CPUs are more likely to fit in a slightly dated motherboard than Intel CPUs. However, even though the socket remains the same, a new AMD CPU may require a new chipset to operate properly.
  10. it depends you usage of the pc, if you are a gaming type of person better to buy amd cpu, rather than intel....
  11. Should read if your a gaming person with limited funds it's better to buy an AMD CPU. AMd usually provides a similar performance at a cheaper price, allowing you to spend more money on the GPU where it matters. Intel's are faster, but you have to pay more.
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