Help!! sony vaio wireless network bridge enabled, how to get on nternet?

Hello,hi, please help me, i brought this sony vaio back in 2004, and i could get onto the internetwirelessly in my house no problem, now im trying to let my son use it and it says under network bridge, enabled for wireless connection, but when i try to sign on to the internet the " cannot find server page comes up" any ideas what the problem could be.

more info:
under broadband it says...disconnected
dial up network says....disconnected
under network bridge..1394 connection,wireless network and bridge network says enabled bridged....but the local are connection says network cable unplugged.

virtual private network says....disconnected

im running windows xp.
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  1. what program are you using to manage wireless connection?
    What is your Understanding(Tech Level if you will) for wireless connections? so i know if i can skip over basics.

    you may need to change the security setup on the wireless router if its WEP2 your computer might not have a capable card as it was not prevalent in 2004.

    Other useful information:
    -Does router work for other computers?
    -what kind of modem do you have?
    -Router security setup(WEP,WEP2,open,etc)
    -when you plug the cable connected from your modem to your router into your computer do you have internet?
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