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Help with card issue

Hey guys, I just built my first computer
Specs are:
CPU: 2nd Gen Intel I5 3.3ghz
RAM: One 4GB stick of DDR 1333 Pioneer ram
Hard Drive: Seagate baracuda low power 5200rpm 1tb hd
Opticle drive: Generic dvd r+w
PSU: Ultra 550 lifetime series
Graphics Card: MSI N460GTX Twin FROZR II
I just installed windows 7, and installed the mobo drivers (off the disk it came with). I downloaded the suggested graphics driver that their diagnostic tool suggested. I ran the windows experience index before I downloaded the driver and it gave me a 1 because my graphics card is showing up as a 1 but everything else got a 7.0 or higher. I tried to run it again after the driver but now it wont even complete the windows index test. Can anyone help me please? I looked on the msi website and I couldnt find any drivers for this particular card there. Any help would be greatly appreciated along with any "must" I should do after a first computer build.

EDIT: also my mouse has been lagging but most likely the video card driver correct?
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    go to nvidia's website and download the drivers from there. Then restart and see how it goes.
  2. What diagnostic tool are you refering to?

    I'd recommend getting the latest driver from nvidia's website. Does the card work as expected in games? I wouldn't worry to much about windows experience index (WEI)
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