Brand new mobo - no BIOS

Installed a new ASUS P8P67 mobo with new i5 2500K, 560Txi GPU running on a 750W PSU and 8Gb DDR3 RAM. Turned it on and .... no POST and no BIOS.

The PSU and CPU fans all work. The motherboard LEDs all show settings are correct. So power is being sent to the motherboard correctly.

Here's what I've done to diagnose so far:

. removed all but the CPU and PSU and restarted. No difference.

. Restarted running one RAM chip. Nothing.

. Removed and reset the CPU. No difference.

. Cleared the CMOS and restarted. Same problem.

Very much welcome fresh ideas or potential diagnoses.
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  1. Vanilla P8P67 or one of the other version? (Pro, Deluxe, etc)

    I've got a P8P67 Pro and it did just that after a crash last night. Will be troubleshooting it today and if I find a solution will let you know. A little more hardware to check through on this end though so might take a while.
  2. It's the Deluxe 3.0. Much appreciated. I'm stumped.
  3. I ended up unplugging everything but the DVD drive (I actually unplugged this too, but then plugged it back in so the boot device LED would clear) and ended up having to move my first video card to second slot, which 'fixed' it. I was able to move it back to first slot after and plugged everything back in and all is fine now. *shrug* as a note, my rig has never had a BIOS beep, and my understanding is the boards POST using the LEDs on it. If it is cycling through them and none stay lit, my understanding is it is 'posting' fine. Doubt my solution of moving graphics card will fix it, but you could try if you haven't already.
  4. Delux 3.0 is much appreciated......
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