Need some help on a laptop.

I will be purchasing a laptop soon, and my main goal for it is for college, but I'd also like to do a little gaming on it.. Like World of Warcraft. The CPU/Ram/HDD are all above what is required for the game itself, but for my budget, all you can get is either the Intel GMA HD (which I will not buy because Intel graphics are crud) or the ATI Mobility HD 4250.. So my question is can the 4250 play world of warcraft on low/med settings? I'm not looking for some fancy laptop that can push the boundaries, I'm just looking for something simple that will let me game if I get done with homework while at college. And most people will probably say to get a desktop.. But I have a desktop, so I'm not going to purchase another one.. Plus I'd rather have a laptop for the sole fact that you can pick it up and take it places easily.. Thanks for your help guys.
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  1. What's ur budget anyway . Ya that 4250 can play warcraft .
  2. Most intagrated graphics cards can play WoW on low to medium settings.
  3. gauravtushir said:
    What's ur budget anyway . Ya that 4250 can play warcraft .

    My budget is no more then 500. Very low and all that, but I'm not looking for some almighty computer. haha
  4. If you haven't bought it yet,i would keep searching for a laptop where you can replace the onboard graphics.
  5. Going with !pad would be better choice in that case .lol
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