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Can anyone suggest some cheap bittorrent hardware like Thin Clients with embedded torrent clients, routers with embedded torrent, NAS which i can buy.

Price is an important consideration.
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  1. its not that hard you can have good router like linksys and check your torrent client wich port its using and open that port in windows firewall i believe it will increase the download bandwith
  2. thanks for the info...but I am looking for hardware based torrent client soa s to keep my PC off.

    I want the embedded thin client/ Router with BT/ NAS with BT to do the downloading stuff.

    This way - I can save on the power bills.

    Here are some devices I have found - don't know whether torrent client can be installed on them..any help will be highly appreciated

    . Embedded WIN CE thin client
    want to know whether I can install BT client on this. If yes. then which one & how to do it.

    2. USB Server - this comes with embedded BT client for PC free downloads

    Let me know ur views

    Thx in advance.
  3. man, what are your electric bills?

    The $300 you'd spend on a NAS/mini-pc would run my i7 desktop for 2.28 years, and that's assuming you don't plug in the nas/mini. Add in electrical costs and you're closer to 2.5 years before the break even mark.

    Even my brother's 4ghz i7 with 6gb of ram and 5870 costs only ~$0.14/day to let idle
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