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GT240 vs GT430 vs GTS450 vs HD5670

Hello all,
I'm going for a new machine.Probably an Athlon II X4 with 8GB RAM, SSD drive etc.

The thing is i can't decide on the GPU.
Im in between these four chipsets:
GT240 for 105$
GT430 for 100$
GTS450 for 158$
HD5670 for 127$

All 1GB.Take into consideration that my main use of it will be for Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator in specific) and i won't focus on games so much.Which one would you prefer and why?Does CUDA matter so much for Adobe's suite?
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  1. Don't pay that much for the GTS450, if you are doing Adobe things get a Nvidia card and don't look back.

    If you need MPE (if you don't know what it is you don't), then you will need to download and addon to make other cards work with it.
  2. WHat about the other two then?GT240 or GT430?

    I didn't know what MPE is, but googled it.I guess it has to do with video editing, so yes that's not in my priorities.

    I don't live in the US and prefer not to order it from there, so the lowest price i can find for GTS450 would be around 145$.In case it is a matter of price, eould it then be worth it?
  3. Mercury PlayBack Engine it uses Cuda which means that the gpu does the encoding in CS5 instead of the cpu.
  4. It looks like the GTS450 wins in a landslide. But you should be able to find one closer to $110 after rebate.

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    from lowest to highest gt430<gt240<5670<gts450. The gt430 is a piece of crap, at the price nvidia ask, noone should buy it. If someone has bought one, they are a sucker. IMO SSD is pointless in an athlon x4 with photoshop as its priomary use, money better spent on a faster CPU. A fast CPU, standard hard drive and lots of ram is all you need. Adobe takes advantage of nvidia cards, so stick with that. When you say "not focus on games so much", do you mean not at all? IMO the only real gaming card there is a gts450 and that is only good for lower res gaming. GT240 you will be turning all the settings down and it isnt really good for some of the more recent games.
  6. I would personally try to hunt for a cheap G92 based card like a 8800gt or a 9800gt. They are so cheap compared to even these cards and offer much more performance for the cost with the only one big downside and the is power consumption. The GT240 and the GT430 are very overpriced for the performance that you get for the cost unless you need to keep it small and uses less power. The GTS450 is better than nothing however that choice is up to you to make.
  7. Thank you all for the answers.

    I've done some further research which altered my thinking and now i'm between these two:
    - ASUS ENGTS450 1GB for 158$
    - Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB for 183$

    HellTech from what i found out, nowadays ATI has it's "CUDA", too, called Stream, so no difference for me between the 2 chipsets in this department.

    iam2thecrowe i won't use photoshop for professional job, just amatreur work.So it's a concern of mine, but not in an "absolute importance" way.Nevertheless, i've raised my budget in the mean time, so i'm going for a Phenom quad core.
  8. That is NOT a substitute for CUDA, and when software needs CUDA Stream will not work in its place.

    Also I showed you a link for a 450 for less then 100 dollars...
  9. Helltech thanks but i'm specific about prices, because buying from e-shops is not an option.Things are limited when it comes to this.

    It's not a substitute.It's AMD's equivalent for CUDA.

    Check out this page:
  10. $183 for a 5770 are you mad? I can buy a GTX 460 for that price let alone a 6850 unless you live in euro land you are overpaying.
  11. Yes i live in Euroland, so the prices thing is fixed for the choices i have.That's why i'm writing them down, too.Price factor is as it is, so please base your answers on these pricings.Don't rate the pricings.Rate the cards based on the pricings.

    Letting me know that newegg etc are cheaper doesn't help me.I know that already. :kaola:

    Thanks. :D
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  13. Thank you all.I finally went with Asus GTS450 1GB.
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