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I'm looking for a new computer case.
I've currently got a Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62.
I'm torn between the Coolermaster HAF X 942 and the Coolermaster ATCS 840.
I plan on upgrading from my GTX 260 to 2 x GTX 580 SLI soon, and I've run out of HDD space in my case.
Price isn't really an issue, I'm just looking for the best case I can get my hands on.
Any opinions? Any one got any other cases they recommend?
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    HAF X or HAF 932.
  2. I would choose the ATCS 840, one of the reasons is that it looks a lot better than the HAF X IMO.

    The ATCS has 6 HDD bays vs 5 for the HAF X.

    You can install a fan on the hard drive cage to provide additional cooling to the GPU(s), which will probably be helpful with two GTX 580s.
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