460 GTX SE Upgrade From 9800 GTX+

Hey I have been reading some pretty bad reviews for the 460 GTX SE and I was wondering how big of an upgrade it would be from the 9800 GTX+ 512 MB card? I play MMO's on 1920x1080 resolution and would like to get 50+ FPS on medium graphics with games such as RIFT with about 30+ people on screen. Is that possible with this card? The main reason I went with this card was it was $120 on eBay for a brand new one compared to the regular 460 GTX which is $180+. Also on a side note does anyone know if EVGA will give me a warranty on the video card if it was bought brand new from eBay?

My other computer parts are:

6400+ AMD Dual Core 3.2ghz
4 GB DDR2 800 PC6400 Ram
Sata 7200 RPM HD
GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 Motherboard

Is it possible to get 50ish FPS on medium graphics if I have the 460 GTX SE on Rift 1920x1080 with 30+ people on screen?

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  1. You have a system that I would have drooled over a few years ago but if you are getting by for now perhaps you should have for a new system build or make minor upgrades such as storage ect. A GTX 460 se is a ok card and will be a welcomed upgrade but physical quality isn't as good as your current card and is the reason for the reviews.
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