Asus p8z68-v/gen3 power cutt off

My PC keeps turning off cold for no reason.
Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 mobo
Corsair GS600 PSU
NVidia Geforce GTX570 Galaxy
2x4GB Corsair Vengence Ram
SeaGate 7200RPM 1TB HD

Second mobo. First build Windows 7 64bit installed just fine along with Nortons and Skyrim. I ended bricking that mobo when power cut out during a BIOS Flash. Just installed new mobo w/o touching anything and it started cutting out again..Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you OC your cpu? Your 570 requires 550w minimum PSU and if you are upping the voltage to your cpu and gpu etc.. this could/would cause system instability with your 600w. You will most definitely need a bigger/better PSU to achieve a happy PC.
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