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I'm going to purchase an ATI 5670


also going to buy a new power supply because the stock supply's in HP computers like almost all pre builts suck. This is a link to the model of HP I have and want to put these componets into


I only want to spend around 200 , because I'm building my own computer soon. I just dont want to leave my mom with onboard graphics after I move out. I know about graphics cards but I know nothing about Power Supplys so any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Thanks for the HP link, but it wasn't very helpful. All I could find out was its a 300W PSU. Last I heard HP was using Bestec PSUs which aren't horrible, but not very good either.

    Athlon II 630 and a 5670? The 5670 doesn't use a lot of power, I think the TDP is around 50W. (might be closer to 60W) I think that CPU is a 95W CPU? You are probably looking at around 200W for that system. Does your mom do gaming? Watching Blu-ray movies? I ask because thats 50-60W at load, not idle while she is surfing or doing facebook. You'll probably be ok just dropping that in. Crack open the case and look. See how many amps are available on the 12V rail(s) If you've got 17A on the 12V rail or if you have two rails there is a statement saying something about 12v1 and 12v2 not to exceed 200W then you're fine.
  2. Does it matter that the 4670 says it needs a 400 watt minimum ? and I thought the same thing about the link , just figured someone else would see something I didnt. Will crack open the case as soon as I finish this reply.
  3. 4670 or 5670?
  4. 5670 , 46 was a typo.

    Sticker reads as follows
    Combined Power on 12 Volts Rails Should Not exceed 268 Watts
    +12v=/19a Max
    -12v=/0.8a Max

    It also says LiteOn at the top of the sticker. Isn't that a brand ?

    To answer your question I will be gaming on it for the next 2 months before I move out. I don't watch any movies on it.
  5. That's way too much for just a 5670. Here is a much better price.

    As for power supplies, you'll want to look for ones with good 12v rail amperage and efficiency. A good 400 watt is fine for most GPUs, and assuming that HP of yours has the base configuration it could handle up to an HD 6950 or GTX 470 (not advising you to buy one of those, just saying).

    Also try to avoid the cheapo generic brands like Logysis and Diablotek.

    A couple of the go-to power supply brands for people on a budget are Antec, Seasonic, and Corsair. I linked to a good and cheap PSU for each. Any of these three are perfectly fine for that HP, especially with a 5670, so I'd pick the cheapest one and save a few dollars if I were you.
  6. One last question is will the 5670 even fit on my motherboard now that I see the layout the ram seems to be in an incredibly bad spot.
    This is the pic of the layout
  7. You'll be fine, man. Especially with a single slot card like the 5670.

    I've got a GX620 with a jank BTX mobo where everything is reversed and an unnecessarily gigantic heatsink that blocks most cards, but still got my single slot 5770 (that's longer than the 5670) to fit. That motherboard actually looks like it would have more space than my somehwhat current one.
  8. 268W is close, but you should be ok. The card will fit, but if you want to remove the ram you'll need to remove the card as well so you can undo the clip on that side. 5670 should work fine. Its not the greatest card, has the power of the 8800/9800GT.
  9. Alright , appreciate the help.
  10. Is there a better card for around 125$ ? Thats my limit with the card.
  11. For $125?

    This 5770 would be the best I'd recommend.

    Here's a used one for $30 cheaper. <--REALLY makes me wish I had payed more attention to open box deals back in December. I would've had so much more money for a stronger PSU.

    It's the same card I use, and is the fastest single slot card for that price range.

    After that it's the GTX 460 Razor Edition, but those things go for well over $240.
  12. Open box deals dont scare you ? maybe I'm just paranoid and will it need a bigger psu than the Corsair 430watt you linked me earlier ? I swear this is the last set of questions. I figure I can spedn 125 on the card since I'm saving on the psu.
  13. Dude..

    Open box deals most definitely don't scare me. It's like getting the exact same thing, only MUCH cheaper.

    For example, a GTX 460 Twin Frozr II, which normally sells for ~$150-$160 was selling for as low as $114 open box earlier today. That deal was eaten alive, as it's already out of stock.

    And the 5770 barely uses more power than the 5670. I'm currently using a Xigmatek 400 watt PSU and I have plenty of juice to spare.

    Crossfiring two of them only uses around 380 with an i5 750, so I really wouldn't worry about not being able to power one with a 400 watt, especially the ones I suggested earlier.

    I'd totally jump on the open box deal if I were you. That's an insane price to just pass up.
  14. Deal has been jumped products are on the way. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Sure thing, guy.
  16. So what did you finally decide on?
  17. 5770 and a Corsair Power Supply between both it came out to about 145 and I only wanted to spend 200 , so that was well within my price range.
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