Help!! Looking for a new motherboard

Hello, I am curently using an Asus PC5QC motherboard and I was looking to replace it with a new motherboard that would support Sata III (SSD) and Sli with 2 GeForce GTX260.

I was thinking that the AsRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 would be great however, i am not sure if the board would support my CPU (Intel Q9550 Quad Core 2.83 GHz 12mb L2 cache).

Otherwise, If you guys got any better idea about a motherboard around the same price range that would be fit for HD gaming, and be compatible with my stuff, Im totaly open for sugestions.

Thanks for helping guys. :bounce:
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  1. SATA 3 support is not available on LGA775 motherboard! The board you are looking at is LGA1155 and does not fit your LGA775 CPU. A cheap solution would be an add in card will not reach full SATA 6GB speed since it is limited by PCIe x1 interface yet faster than SATAII.
    I would though not worry about it and get the SSD and run it on the SATA 3GB that you already have! Very little gain from anything else!
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