Nfs hot pursuit lags much

im using intel pentium d 3ghz,..2gb ddr2 ram..1gb nvidia 9500gt..gigabyte 945gzm-s2 board.. i cant play nfs hot pursuit without lag even at lowest settings ..i tried all methods like disabling antvirus,tweaks in nvidia control panel up ram..but still i cant play nfs hot pursuit without lag even at lowest settings..but my friend has core i3 3.1ghz,intel dh67vr board ,4gb ddr3 ram and even no graphic card ..i cannot find how he can play the game without any lag even at high settings with a onboard intel 2000graphics i can play the game without lag with my pentium processor..
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  1. His I3 is easily 2-3 times as powerful as your pentium d, but how he can run the game on the onboard Intel HD2000 graphics is beyond me. Your system falls below minimum requirements to run the game due to your video card, but his his weaker so his computer shouldn't run it either...

    What resolutions are both of you trying to run the game at?
  2. im trying to run it in 800x600 res but im lagging much ..but he is playing at 1366x768 at high settings without lag at 25 fps but me at 8-15fps at 800x600 res
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