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Hi Guys

Listen got a quick question sorry if this has been mentioned early but cannot find any threads on this question at all. :cry:

I am trying to setup a 6 display setup using a matrox card what i was originally going to settle for was a single 8 port display card by matrox, however the card is extremely expensive. what i was thinking was of running two 4 port Matrox cards in some sort of sli or crossfire similar setup. is there any possibility you can do this? is there a software to configure the motherboard pci slots to run them in conjunction? all i am trying to do is try to get the most affordable setup with saving as much money as possible.

Please let me know guys much appreciated.

Sweet Rob."
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  1. you should just be able to install both. you dont need sli or anything, your using the cards independantly. Have you thought about using 2 ati cards. they are capable of displaying 3 monitors each, and there are models you can get that display 6 on one card http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/ati-radeon-hd-5000/hd-5870-eyefinity-6-edition/Pages/overview.aspx. It may be a cheaper option that an obscure matrox card, i didnt even know matrox still made gfx cards.....
  2. You can get one Eyefinity 6 card.


    Or you could just two of these, at least I think, right? I mean this wouldn't be for gaming, just for running six monitors. Not sure what your needs are....

  3. Holy crap didn't even know Matrox was still around. Haven't seen one in about 13 years. lol
  4. There is a reason why people settle with Matrox for professional reasons due to high image quality. They are dependable and have catered to that niche for over the passed decade. I got one of their cards but it is dated. It is worth a shot and if it works then you saved a chunk of change.
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