High CPUTIN vs. low core temperature: i5 on Asus P8H67

Hello together,

I am having a temperature problem in a new system.

It is an i5 2500 on an Asus P8H67 (onboard graphics used) with Scythe Mugen 2 cooler, 4GB ram.

Without load, all core temperatures are around 35° C, whereas the CPUTIN value reads around 90! I get the same results with different tools. The cooler fan runs at around 660 rpm.

When I start a stress test (IntelBurnTest), the core heats up to roundabout 60 degrees, the fan speeds up to around 1200 rpm, and the cputin value drops to around core temperature.

When I increase the fan speed in the Bios, the cputin value does not change.

I am puzzled, either all tools read a crappy value, or only very high fan speeds can produce some air flow that reaches whatever? I hardly believe the latter.

But by the way - the heat sink above the H67 chip gets quite hot - I burn my fingers when I touch it. Besides wondering about the moron who used a shiny blue aluminum piece instead of an actually working heat sink, I am wondering whether I shall take some action about it...!?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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  1. Henry,
    I too have the EXACT same problem with the same board and identical readings. My core temps around 35c and cputin at 90c. I have used several different programs and they all read out the same. It has to be a problem with the Asus p8h67 board sensors. I wish one of the great minds on this site would help us.
  2. I am having a similar issue with the same motherboard, but I'm using a i7 2600k. Run prime 95 and CPUTIN drops, CPU temp increases. Also the system just randomly shuts off, updated BIOS same thing.
  3. I am having same problem on a asus p8z68 lx.

    Did anyone ever figure this out? is it just a glitch?
  4. Any news? I'm having the same problem. My motherboard is a p8h67 -m pro and my processor a i5 2500.
  5. CPUTIN is the VRM temp on ASUS boards, I believe. It's obviously NOT the actual CPU temp.
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