One Vary strange Problem with Motherboard and PSU

I dont know how to start but i have a EVGA 750i motherboard with a 700 OCZ psu that takes forever to turn on I have to hit the power button a lot to get it to boot..However if i try the EVGA on my new 760 Watt PSU it turns on on the first Button push..Here is the kicker I try the Old 700 Watt Psu on my New Pro Gen 3 Motherboard it Boots just fine with a GTX 275..I need to know if its the PSU or the Motherboard
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  1. I am completely guessing here but it sounds like it could be the board having a cap start to fail. take a look for any that are starting to bulge. My theory here being that the new PSU might have slightly cleaner power and causing less issues with a cap that's going bad, and that your multiple power button pushes may be needed to get the cap charged up to where its stable. I've seen similar behavior with monitors with bad caps where getting them charged up took forever but as long as you left it on it was ok. shot in the dark though
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