Hey Guys!! pls.answer my questions

Can you help me???

I was confused about choosing a psu

I am assembling a semi-budget gamin pc here are the hardware:

Asus P5G41C-M LX

Intel E5700

2gb Geil ddr3

Evga gt430

Sony Optical Drive

500gb WD

I was confused at the psu

can I just use 500w thermaltake lite power??? or higher watts???

pls. answer my question tnx.
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  1. Your video card takes almost no power to run. If you intend to keep it in your build, you don't even need 300 watts. Unfortunately, the GT430 is a very poor gaming card: GeForce GT 430 1024MB review

    I suggest selecting something more suitable: Best Graphics Cards For the Money: March 2011

    Then use this Ant3c Power Supply Calculator to determine what you need for a PSU.
  2. I just wabt to build a semi-gaming pc.I prefer a 128-bit card only how about a 9500gt?
  3. Is the evga gt430 is a sli ready?
  4. If you plan on running gt430's in SLI, just get a GTX 460 for $130 (recertified EVGA).
    I was gonna get a Radeon 5770 until I found this deal. I ordered all my parts last night.


    The GTX 460 is at least 3x better in every category than the GT430 so even running GT430s in SLI ($140) would still be slower and would cost more money too.


    Your best bet is either to stick with one 430 or pay extra (but not as much as 2 430s) and get the gtx 460 instead of doing 430s SLI.
  5. tnx bro for the answer.I am just building a semi-gaming pc.Instead of 430gt can tell me a good graphics but cheap because my build is only budgeted.
  6. Well what is your budget for the video card? If I remember my history right they 5570 and 5670 were both better than the 430. If you have more money then you can look at the 5750. And if you have a little over $100 to spend yeah the 460 gtx is killer.
  7. bro because our money is not a dollar ours is peso.But I want a nvidia card.
  8. The 460 gtx is the best budget video card from nvidia that can run all of today's modern games.

    In my opinion the nvidia performance list goes like this from worst to best:
    430/9600gt- 9600gt maybe a tiny bit of an edge
    250 gts
    450 gts
    460 gtx
    560 ti
  9. GT220 < GT430 < GT240 ~ 9600GT < 9800GT. The GT430 makes a horrible gaming card. You want the GT240 as a minimum. A better option would be the GTS450. Similar performance as the GTS250/5750, but can overclock to near 5770 performance levels.

    Seeing as you live outside the USA, please list the cards that are available to you in your price range. It does us no good to suggest X card if you can't buy it. And you should consider AMD cards as well. In the states they provide similar performance for a cheaper price.
  10. Do you think nba2k11,cod mw2,L4D2,NFS SHIFT.Runs perfectly at EVGA GT 430 1Gb?
  11. I just want to build a semi-gAming pc.
  12. The gt430 is an HTPC card, and is accpetable for watching movies. It would work for facebook games, but not much more. If you can, put any extra money into upgrading your video card. 9800 GTX, GTS 250, GTS 240 would be better. I am saying the same thing everyone else has said. Everyone agrees a gt 430 does not a make a semi-gaming machine.
  13. what kind of graphic card is for semi-gaming pc?
  14. GT240 minimum. The 9800GT would make a better gaming card. GTS250 or GTS450 is actually would I would shoot for. (that or a 5750 or 5770 from AMD.)
  15. Is EVGA GT 430 a bad card?
  16. I thought we already said the GT430 wasn't a gaming card? Why are you still looking at them?
  17. I think we are getting trolled here.
  18. because bro,I see the videos about evga gt430 ang it amazed me.
  19. @ eloric, possibly.

    @ Mattmartin, then look at videos that involve real video cards. While it can't handle DX10 or 11, the 9800GT will perform much better then the GT430. For a cheap Nvidia DX10 card, watch the videos on the GT240. The GT430 games WORSE then the GT240. It does have some things that make it a better movie watching card, but only if you are watching 3D movies. Otherwise they are the same.
  20. 1gb or 512mb?
  21. Shouldn't matter. I'd rather have a 512MB GT240 over a 1GB GT430.
  22. is it 128-bit?
  23. how about EVGA GT220?
  24. What difference does it make if its 128bit? If the performance is good it doesn't matter. Performance order is GT220 < GT430 < GT240 ~ 9600GT < 9800GT. I don't play WoW which has the best use of DX11 right now, so if your gaming is similar then a 9800GT should be considered as well. GT240 or 9600GT is the weakest card you should look at. Anything less then that is for HTPC use.
  25. I think gt 240 is a good card.I also think that best fit for a semi-gaming pc.

    Does nba 2k11,l4D2,cod mw2 & nfs shift runs perfectly at gt 240?
  26. why?
  27. Because it is 3 from the bottom of this list: GT 240 is the minimum. Minimum does not equal perfect.
  28. how about 9800 gt?
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