Voltage Control on XFX 6850?

Does anyone know of software that can do this currently? My bro has just bought 2x XFX 6850 for x-fire and we're trying to clock these puppies up.
The latest version of MSI afterburner gave us the tick-boxes in the settings tab to enable voltage monitoring and control however once ticked the slider is still greyed out.
I believe these XFX cards are non-reference (he has the vapour chamber cooler ones) so wonder if this is why we can't move the slider?
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  1. I think XFX has a separate voltage adjustment program downloadable from their website.
  2. I had the same problem. If you can find a way to download sapphire trixx (probably cannot because of your XFX card) it will work.
  3. Did you try the latest Afterburner 2.1 beta 7 release?
  4. Isnt there an option/string in a text file for after burner to enable unofficial boards?
  5. MSI Afterburner 2.1.0 Beta 7 is ready, changes list includes:

    - the official support of GTX 560 Ti / GT 440.
    - Now Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries are included in distributive
    - Hardware database is now configured to force fan duty cycle monitoring to be performed via slower AMD ADL SDK path on AMD RADEON 4870 X2 and 5790 series cards
    - Changed way of unlocking unofficial overclocking on AMD graphics cards to make overclocking newbies think harder before enabling this functionality blindly and coming to support forums with fake bugreports
    - Added alternate unofficial overclocking path allowing keeping PowerPlay active on some modern ASIC families during overclocking
    - Fan control settings are now being forcibly reapplied after changing the clocks via unofficial overclocking path to bypass bug in AMD driver causin the fan control settings to be reset to defaults after programming PowerPlay table

    To enable unofficial overclocking in this version it is necessary to:

    - Set UnofficialOverclockingEULA field to the following text: I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI will not provide me any support on it
    - Set UnofficialOverclockingMode to 1 to keep PowerPlay active (may not work on old ASICs), 2 to traditionally disable PowerPlay or to 0 to temporary disable unofficial overclocking path
  6. Thanks for the replies, He has the latest beta of afterburner - the previous 2.0x version didn't have the check boxes for the voltage control unlocking, however the voltage slider is greyed out even in the latest beta with these boxes ticked. We have also tried editing the cfg file as matto describes to no effect. Another issue with afterburner is that its currently capping the core slider at 875Mhz, when this should be about 1ghz.
    We'll have a go a trixx and see if that can do the business.
  7. I think only sapphire members can get Trixx though, but good luck!
  8. Wrong, I have the same XFX non-black edition 6850 and I got mine oc'd to 925/1150 on stock voltages using TRIXX. The voltage slider is still locked, however no version of msi afterburner has yet allowed me to unlock it either on this card, so being sapphire TRIXX is much easier to use I use that. As far as the stock voltage goes, being oc'd to 925/1150 on stock voltage the temps rise up to 60-62C and even the high 60's when around water effects and such... so being that's more than a decent bump from stock, and the temps are already pushing above 60 there, I'd just be happy with that and not try overvolting the card.
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