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Old geezer building a new computer - does it come with?

Building a computer. A few questions if you don't mind humoring a guy who has not built a computer since optical drives were about $400.

1) Do MB generally come with cables to hook up all the magic components?

2) Is a heatsink and fan included with other items or do these need to be purchased separately? I do have thermal paste on hand?

3) What is a cheap source for a genunine copy of Windows 7 (64 bit)?

Thanks, I will return to my rocking chair and await a response from you young whipper snappers.
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    1) Yes the motherboard and the other parts come with all the cables and connectors you need.
    2) If you buy a box processor it came with with heatsink and fan included.For overclocking you need to replece the stock neatsink with something better. The thermal paste is preaplied on heatsink. The aftermarket coolers have in the box the thermal paste and you have to apply yourself.
    3) A genuine copy of Windows 7 ( 32 and 64 bit) is almost 100$ everrywhere.
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