Ati hd 3200 magicka low frame rate

i'm playing magicka on asus k51ac laptop with ati radeon hd 3200 and i get very very low fps, lower than i get playing Mass Effect 2!Help anyone
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  1. You can't really compare 2 games unless they use the same engine and you play at the exact same settings. The two games have about the same requirements, both of the recommended video cards are well above your video card. Try playing around with the video settings and see what you can do.
  2. I tried playing with the video settings, even overclocked my GPU to no effect. The fact of the matter is that I have this problem with a lot of games which are in the same area of requirements. Some of them run decent and others not so. How can I find out if other settings in my laptop affect this behaviour?
  3. The issue is with your video card, it's not fast enough to play those games properly. You can check for updated drivers for the video card that helps at times.

    Make sure your DirectX is updated. Since it's a laptop, you are pretty much stuck with your video card, if games run slow, nothing you can do.
  4. I have my drivers up to date. I've read on some forums that people using my same configuration are getting pretty decent FPS, that's why i'm asking. Don't think that i'm not aware of my hardware's limitations, but to have low FPS rate even with games like DeathSpank and League of Legends is pretty alarming
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