Good gaming rig under $800 w/ os


I am looking for THE BEST $800 limit gaming rig!!

This is what I have already in specs I think its awesome but definitely needs to be cheaper...

Oh and yes os needs to be included and I prefer win7.

No monitor needs to be included!!

Case: (beautiful and w/ three fans) $49.99 Fs&H

Hard drive: (good enough ill just upgrade later...) $49.99 Fs&H (the better one) $49.99 Fs&H

PSU: $59.99 & $3.99 Shipping (the better one )

processer: (good for gaming crysis 2 right?) $139.99 Fs&H

os: $99.99 Fs&H

Ram: $54.99 Fs&h

Speakers:(cheap but ok for me) $8.99 & $2.99 Shipping

Graphics card: (guys i would really prefer staying with this card!!) $254.99 & $7.87 Shipping

Wireless adapter: (YES THIS ISNT MY MAIN PC so it isnt hooked up to the router directly...) $19.99 Fs&H

MOBO: (a little cheap but it should do for games like crysis2) $89.99 Fs&H

DVD Burner: $18.99 Fs&H


Guys the only reason why I want such a superior graphics card is because I wanna play games like crysis 2 or scII ON MAX settings!

Please take a look at these specs and tell me what you think if you have better CHEAPER things and please feel free to post them to help me!! Oh and this is my first build. Wish me luck.

I am about $40 over budget :(

Oh and i fixed the link problem


----THX jerreddredd
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  1. Your links to Mobo and DVD Burner are broken. I did not check the rest.
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    the stuff you picked out may look nice, but I would reconsider some of your choices (except the MB/CPU/GPU) (good choice on the GPU)

    I know your a little over you budgetm but you didn't go cheap on the GPU, so don't go cheap on the PSU get a good solid one (corsair, Antec, Seasonic, Silverstone). here is a combo deal that gets you a good PSU and the same RAM but CL8. comes with $20 MIR

    if you think you might Xfire later on, you will need a even better PSU. here is a good combo for that:

    Also here is a better case, unless you just are in love with one you picked out (I call it the Zombie case):
    Zalman Z9 $50

    for +$20 you get the same case +2 more fans (blue LEDs) and a built-in fan controller.
    Z9 Plus

    Also you can get a faster and larger HD
    Samsung 500gb 16mb cache 7200rpm $50
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